​​7 Things to do at Night in Seattle

​​7 Things to do at Night in Seattle

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The opportunities for fun don’t stop when the sun sets on Washington’s biggest city. Like many other of America’s most populous areas, Seattle comes alive at night whether you’re out to celebrate or just staying longer than planned. There is plenty to do for any budget and whether you’re a Seattle-native or a stranger in town for a few days. Let’s take a look at some of the best things to do in Seattle when the sun sets.

Pike Brewing Company

We like our beer in Seattle so there’s no surprise to see a brewery on the list. Founded in 1989, the Pike Brewing Company is a family-owned independent brewery which has operated in Seattle ever since. The company was created by couple Charles and Rose Ann Finkel who fell in love with the beers and ales of Europe and went about bringing those flavors to the US.

Now, the Pike Brewing Company is a pretty major operation that operates tours of the site. Naturally, there is always something to drink in the on-site restaurant area as well as The Pike Pub which is open until 1:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Pike Place Market

This is one more for the tourists than the locals but even Seattle residents can appreciate the wonders of Pike Place Market. The world-known market is over 100 years old and today houses all sorts of farmers, merchants, and craftspeople. In the day, you can pick up your local produce and fresh fish but at night, Pike Place Market takes on a whole new life. You can see the creepier side of Seattle’s most famous market with the 75-minute Market Ghost Tour which runs until 11:00 pm on weekends.

Sample The Nightlife

One thing the rainy city is known for is the local nightlife which caters to everyone. Downtown is a ghost town late at night with revelers often flocking to Pioneer Square, Pike, Belltown, or Capitol Hill. The Pink Door is a hugely popular spot but of course, Seattle has a long history of jazz music. Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley in Belltown is a local favorite, as is The Triple Door over in Pike.

But it’s not just dive bars and jazz clubs in Seattle and the nightlife isn’t just dotted around Downtown. Head north and you’ll find the popular Club Hollywood Casino where you can play all sorts of casino games. Just make sure to brush up on your skills at an online casino like Betway before taking the plunge.

Space Needle

Space Needle Tower is arguably the most recognizable site in Seattle and is well worth a visit late at night. Opened in 1962, 605-foot tower is a local attraction with a rich history. As unique as the structure is itself, the best views come when standing atop the Space Needle, looking out on the Seattle skyline.

Argosy Dinner Cruise

If heights aren’t your thing then perhaps the sea is. Argosy Cruises offer a range of boat tour throughout Seattle where you can sit back and enjoy the views changing in front of you. Tour Lake Union and Lake Washington and enjoy the sights of a city changing when the sun sets. Argosy also offers onboard dining which would make an evening even more special.

Watch a Show

Just as there is a bar or restaurant to cater to everyone’s tastes, so Seattle has a show to fit everyone’s needs. The famous Seattle Theatre is the best place for variety with everything from Cats the musical to an evening with Michelle Obama on the schedule in March 2019.

But there is far more to see outside of the Seattle Theatre. You can catch an improv show at Jet City or even catch live music at one of the many venues across the city. El Corazon is a popular rock venue while bars like The Sunset Tavern and Tractor Tavern stage shows from almost every genre of music.

Waterfront Park

If live music isn’t your thing then you could take a moonlit stroll along the famous Waterfront Park. The area between piers 57 and 59 is open until 10:00 pm where members of the public can enjoy views of the city skyline, the waterfront, and on a clear day, the Olympic Mountains.

On pier 57, people can also enjoy one of the most recognizable attractions in Seattle, the Great Wheel. The 175-foot wheel is the tallest on the West Coast of America since opening in 2012. Built over water, the wheel offers great views of the city and is open until midnight on certain days.



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