10 Ways to Make Camping More Fun for Kids This Summer

10 Ways to Make Camping More Fun for Kids This Summer

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Camping is one of the most soul-searching and satisfying outdoor activity. Why? It is because we try to connect to the rawest form of nature and ravel in its beauty. It’s where we try to break out of the concrete jungle and city lights, and head straight under the abode of stars.

Fresh minty air and feeling that electrifies your spine – that is the best camping feeling. The campfire songs and the lovely warmth in everybody’s heart that sings along – that closes the day with contentment. How lovely it will be to teach your kids to follow these feelings rather than Wi-Fi?

It starts with how you leave a mark on their impressionable minds. It is possible to make a good and bad experience out of everything you do as a parent. Take extra responsibility in fulfilling the pledge of shaping your child into a mature and responsible adult.

With each value instilled, you can see them grow up into your strong pillar of pride and joy. And it all starts with small moments stringed together as ‘now’. So let’s make this ‘now’, a beautiful ‘present’ for everybody’s ‘future’.

These are the ways on how you can ensure that your kids will have more fun while camping:

1.     Make sure you get the basics ready

Is your camping trip going to start from dusk to dawn? Or will you start off your journey in the morning itself? Whatever be your plans, make sure you get your basics ready accordingly.

It will be an absolute bummer if you don’t have the essential things to tie up your expectations to. From tent to extra water, food, toiletries, sleeping bag etc., you need to make a list and make sure you have everything for the day.

2.     Making sure your kids get to roam around

So you would need to camp in an area where it is safe to roam around and be back at the same spot safely. If you are not sure where to go, then go to the place beforehand, do some research, and make a plan of going. This will keep you stress-free and would let kids explore the gems of nature.

3.     Make space for bird watching and wildlife spotting

Get a set of binoculars and night goggles handy and spot as many birds and wild animals you can. Designated camping areas would also have guides who can tell you where you can spot a certain animal or a bird.

Also, it would be a fun game to see who can spot the most. This will keep your kids entertained for the day (and for the night too).

4.     Show them they can do it together

Kids generally love to do things on their own if you motivate them that they can do it. Show them some cool tricks on how they can whistle, make fire out of sticks, install tents, tie ropes, etc.

These things are as educational as and as fun as it is. They can also take help of their friends, or siblings, or even you to practice what they have learned from you.

5.     Singing songs by the campfire

This is one of the most traditional things that happen around a campfire. So why not do it with your kids? Gather them around and start singing! Sing till your lungs and throat tire from all the enthusiasm you put on this.

It is a fun way to connect to your kids and show your relaxed side. It makes up for great camping memories as well.

6.     Make them responsible campers

A happy camper is also a responsible camper. So turn it up into a mission and tell them that the most responsible camper will be awarded a lapel pin that signifies their victory. The runner-ups will also get something for participation.

Get your kids and their friends for it. Turn this into a fun lesson of being responsible. Get these custom lapel pins made at affordable prices at Vivipins. They make it all neatly, professionally, and right on time. Visit vivipins.com to know more.

7.     Get them ready for some story time

You can use shadow puppets to make your stories more entertaining to the kids! Tell whimsical stories around the campfire and let their imagination run wild. Encourage them to share their favorite stories and show them how they can also form shadow puppets out of their hands. It is a fun way to indulge everyone into the same space.

8.     Get on to play

From tug of war to board games and tag, there are many things that kids can play in the camping area. Make sure the area you choose for camping is safe for them to run around and play. Otherwise, board games and card games are just as fun for any day and any night. Safety comes first before you let them off-guard.

9.     Star-gaze under the blanket of stars

The city lights rob us all from appreciating the twinkling lights of the stars. They look so magnificent in the sky. But you can now identify constellations, stars, and shooting stars as well. The picturesque sky is mesmerizing enough to keep everyone engaged and engrossed in its cosmos.

10.   Campfire meal

From s’mores to roasted marshmallows, you can enjoy meals right around the campfire. Sip on some hot coffee and sigh deeply. Let the fresh air fill your lungs!

Good food, good music, and good experience sum up one of the best campfire memories that you can create for your kids.

Wrapping Up       

Make sure you get these things done and ready for your camping experience with kids. Make sure they get to love nature as much as you do. Do not forget to get bug repellent sprays and lotions to avoid being a feast for nature itself.

Have fun while you camp with your kids and let the day take its own course! We wish you all the best for your camping experience!



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