Ty Stober Ends Campaign for Washington State 49th Legislative District Senate Seat to Focus on Equal Rights Washington

Ty Stober Ends Campaign for Washington State 49th Legislative District Senate Seat to Focus on Equal Rights Washington

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Ty Stober

On Tuesday, March 27, Ty Stober announced he is ending his campaign for the Washington State 49th legislative district Senate seat. Stober cited as his primary reason the need to concentrate on his position as Board Chair of Equal Rights Washington, the state’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy organization, and on the upcoming battle to defend the State’s Marriage Equality law.

“Working on behalf of my 49th legislative district neighbors in Olympia would be a great honor.  When I entered this race I expected to be able to hand off leadership responsibilities with Equal Rights Washington to focus on the broad needs our our local community.  This month, groups outside Washington State have pledged millions of dollars to defeat Referendum 74 and undo the courageous law our Republican and Democratic legislators passed this year.  Leaving this race is a difficult decision, but preserving Marriage Equality is defending my family and I feel compelled to continue my statewide leadership role in that effort.”

Stober focused his Senate campaign on the need of Clark County residents for rewarding, family wage jobs, a strong education system, and social safety net programs that allow families to feel secure and positively contribute to our community.  He is strongly endorsing Annette Cleveland for the position because of her like minded focus.

“Over the past few months I have come to know Annette for her passion and intelligence.  I know she will fight for the needs of our community and be a strong and progressive advocate for the people of Vancouver and Hazel Dell.”

Stober works as Consumer Products Manager for the Portland-based Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, an organization that is supported by and works in collaboration with utilities in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana to maximize energy efficiency in the Northwest.  He works on programs that accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient consumer products.

“When so many in our community are still feeling financial and social insecurity caused by the economic events of the past five years, it makes me very aware of how blessed I am to have so many opportunities to make a positive impact on our community.  I look forward to being active in Vancouver and Clark County for many years to come.”



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