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NCIS Star Pauley Perrette Walks the Walk When It Comes to Gay Rights and Marriage Equality – NOH8

Actor and Activist Pauley Perrette has never been afraid to speak her mind or wear her heart on her sleeve. Some of you might recognize Pauley from her role as Abby Sciuto on NCIS or from her recent commercials for Expedia. ...
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Hawaii Series: Visiting Oahu – Trisha’s Take

My partner and I went for a visit to Oahu in early December of 2010. Wow, we simply had a marvelous time! I want to tell you all about it. ...
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Paula Poundstone Confides in The Seattle Lesbian – Parenting, Herding Animals and Landing a Plane in the Hudson

Winsome comedienne Paula Poundstone knows a thing or two about parenting, herding animals, working on ladders, and ordering from a Sky Mall catalogue while landing a plane in the Hudson. ...
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Catholics for Equality Publicly Denounce Courage Apostolate for Anti-Gay 12-Step Programs

The Courage Apostolate's misuse of the 12-step program holds the premise that same-sex attraction is a disease, similar to alcoholism, and should be "controlled." ...
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Two Young Women Commit Suicide Together After Being Shunned by Their Community in India

Two teenage girls who were in love have committed suicide. The post-mortem report reflected that they took poison together and lay down to die, clutching each other's arms. ...
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Top News International

BBC News: Teachers Should Include LGBT Issues in Class with Students as Young as Four Years Old

Teachers are now encouraged to include Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) issues in subjects like math and geography to children as young as four years old, BBC News is reporting. Lesson plans and guidance will be available on a new government-funded website. ...
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New Study Finds Divorce More Common Among Conservative Christians and Young People

The University of Iowa is reporting that divorce is more common among conservative Christians and young people, according to a recent study. ...
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Exclusive Interview with Openly-Bisexual Swedish Actress Osa Wallander

Wallander can next be seen in the upcoming feature film Dragon Day, a topical political thriller due for release in 2011. ...
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New Zealand Lesbian Elderly Couple Face Two Hate Crimes in Two Weeks

An elderly lesbian couple about an hour outside of Auckland, New Zealand has been targeted in two separate hate crimes in just as many weeks. ...
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Full House Star Jodie Sweetin Engaged to Morty Cole – Won’t Marry Until Gay Marriage is Legal

Rumors are swirling that Full House’s middle child Jodie Sweetin and boyfriend Morty Coyle are engaged to be married, but will not follow through with the nuptials until their gay brothers and sisters can do the same. ...
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