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Top News Politics

Opponents Scrambling As ‘Reform the Platform’ Initiative Launches

Two anti-freedom to marry organizations released an advocacy poll this week showing the Republican base opposes marriage for gay couples. ...
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Ugandan Lesbian Granted Asylum Through 2019

Seggane never sought asylum status after her visa expired because she didn’t realize her sexuality could be used as a means for her to stay in the country. ...
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Linda Perry Reunites 4 Non Blondes Band Mates for Benefit Concert

Musician Linda Perry said when she tried to get other singers for the event, they were busy. Then she decided to call her former band mates. ...
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Top News National

New York Court Approves Name Change, Adds Gender Clause

The brief accompanying the motion points out that name change orders and gender change orders are legally different and should not be conflated. ...
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Entertainment Health

Obama Appoints Jason Collins, Rachael Ray to Fitness Council

Jason Collins is a professional basketball player with the Brooklyn Nets, where he has played since 2014. Rachael Ray is the host of The Rachael Ray Show. ...
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Top News Politics

Last State on the West Coast to Approve Marriage Equality Gets Its Day in Court

Support for marriage equality in Oregon is at a record high of 55 percent, according to polling from Oregon United for Marriage. ...
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Additional Grand Marshals: Danielle Askini, Three Dollar Bill Cinema

Danielle Askini is a social worker and internationally influential trans* activist. Three Dollar Bill Cinema connects diverse communities through film. ...
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Top News Health

HUD Awards $29 Million to 26 Local HIV-AIDS Housing Programs

Ninety percent of HOPWA funds are distributed to cities and states based on the number of AIDS cases reported to the CDC. ...
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Top News Politics Local

INTERVIEW: Judge Mary Yu Helms a History of Firsts

While there are 21 justices being considered, one stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. Who is Judge Mary Yu, and what makes her the right selection? ...
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Jodie Foster Marries Alexandra Hedison in Private Ceremony

Jodie Foster is a married woman! Who’s the lucky gal? None other than The L Word star (and famed photographer) Alexandra Hedison! Remember Dylan Moreland? ...
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