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Enjoy the fine view of the dynamic Dallas skyline from the new observation deck of the Reunion Tower.

Out of Town: Gay Weekend in Dallas

Ease into the city’s relaxed pace by spending time in Oak Lawn, the core of Dallas’s gay scene. Here you’ll find several fun fashion shops and boutiques. ...
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Photo: Jack Gruber, USA TODAY
Top News Politics

Ted Olson: Marriage Equality Has Passed the ‘Point of No Return’

Ted Olson is perhaps best recognized in cultural media for arguing Bush v. Gore and the challenge to California's marriage ban - Proposition 8. ...
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Supreme Court of the United States
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Federal Government to Recognize Same-Sex Marriage in Six Additional States

The federal government will now recognize same-sex married couples in six new states: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Wyoming. ...
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Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Boob
Entertainment Local

Burlesque Show Celebrates Pink Floyd’s First Album in 20 Years

Burlesque impresario Les Spectacles Flambés will present Dark Side of the Boob, a raucous and reverent celebration of Pink Floyd’s twisted genius. ...
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Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Attempts to Delay Same-Sex Marriage Despite Four Rulings to the Contrary
Top News Politics

Florida AG Pam Bondi Asks Judge to Extend Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Pam Bondi has asked Judge Hinkle to extend the stay to allow same-sex marriages to begin in Florida, despite four court rulings to the contrary. ...
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First South Carolina Couple Requesting Same-Sex Marriage License
Top News Politics

Swift Movement on Marriage Equality Urged in South Carolina

South Carolina is obligated to follow the marriage ruling by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals striking down a similar ban in Virginia. ...
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Judith Larsen and her painting of Anna Politkovskaya, a former editor and author who was assassinated in Russia in 2006. Larsen has a new exhibit, “Frontline Heroines,” in the UW School of Social Work, honoring female journalists who lost their lives.
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UW Exhibit Honors Slain Female Journalists

“Frontline Heroines” explores the plight of women journalists and civil rights workers who have lost their lives abroad reporting on international issues. ...
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Inmates Sue for Equal Treatment in Southern California
Top News Health

San Bernardino County Sued Over Treatment of Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Inmates

Fifteen individuals filed a federal class action lawsuit against San Bernardino County over discriminatory policies at the West Valley Detention Center. ...
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Texas Widow Sues Social Security Administration for Survivor Benefits
Top News Politics

Texas Widow Sues Social Security Administration for Spousal Benefits

The couple lived in Texas, which refuses to recognize their marriage. Social Security is denying Kathy survivor’s benefits earned by Sara. ...
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Washington State Mock Election
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Washington State Mock Election Prepares for 10th Year

The first Mock Election was held in 2004, with 1,552 students participating. About 20,000 students are expected to vote in this year’s Mock Election. ...
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