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Photo: Dream Daddy - A Dad Dating Simulator via Facebook

Dream Daddy: The Trans-Friendly Game Taking Over the Internet

Dream Daddy was released on July 27 and the premise is that the user is a widowed dad who has recently moved to a new town with his adolescent daughter. The user gets to create their "dadsona" and choose from a multitude of body types. ...
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Joint Base Lewis-McChord/Sarah Toce
Top News National

Trump’s Manic Tweet To Bar Transgender Servicepeople From The US Military Backfires

Thirty-three psychiatrists wrote a letter to the “New York Times” on February 13 stating that Trump’s “grave emotional instability” showed he couldn’t safely govern the country. ...
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Express Connection Between The Waterfront and Downtown Seattle Launches

Seattle Waterfront Connex is a privately funded, public-private collaboration aimed at filling a gap in current public transportation options. ...
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Layana White and Haley Videckis

Trial Proceeds in Landmark Title IX Case of College Basketball Players Who Faced Anti-Gay Discrimination

The plaintiffs, Layana White and Haley Videckis, are in a relationship and are suing Pepperdine University on claims that they faced discrimination and harassment from their basketball coach and the university based on their sexual orientation. ...
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Medicine syringe for a baby.

Child Living with HIV Maintains Remission Without Drugs Since 2008

A nine-year-old South African child who was diagnosed with HIV infection at one month of age and received anti-HIV treatment during infancy has suppressed the virus without anti-HIV drugs for eight and a half years. ...
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Seattle City Council Approves City Income Tax on High Earners

Seattle City Council unanimously approved legislation creating a city income tax on high-income households to move Seattle toward a fairer, more progressive tax system. ...
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U.S. Report: Harmful Surgery on Intersex Children

Despite decades of controversy over the procedures, doctors operate on children’s gonads, internal sex organs, and genitals when they are too young to participate in the decision, even though the surgeries could be safely deferred. ...
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Napa Valley Nostalgia: A Walk Through the Vineyards

There are more than 400 wineries in the Napa Valley, each with its own unique style, setting and history. Guests are able to enjoy unforgettable wine tastings, stunning views and behind-the-scenes tours of wine cellars and caves - but make a reservation for a hassle-free experience. ...
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Anne-christine d’Adesky in her element, at a San Francisco protest. (Photo: Juno Rosenhaus)
Editorial Health

‘The Pox Lover’ and the Impact of Lesbians on HIV Activism

Exhausted from years of activism with ACT UP and The Lesbian Avengers, an organization she co-founded, d’Adesky took a break in Paris to reflect on her life while becoming entranced with long walks along the Seine River. ...
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Seattle Mayor Signs Executive Order Requiring Body Cameras on Patrol Officers

Mayor Ed Murray of Seattle, working with City Attorney Pete Holmes, signed an Executive Order requiring all Seattle Police patrol officers to wear body-worn video cameras (body cameras). ...
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