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Sam Smith
Entertainment Contests

Enter to Win ‘The Thrill Of It All’ from Sam Smith!

Enter to win The Thrill Of It All from Sam Smith! ...
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Rainbow World Fund’s bus parked at the former site of the Fountaingrove Inn in Santa Rosa after volunteers delivered supplies to fire victims October 22, 2017. Photo: Rainbow World Fund

LGBTs Mobilizing to Aid Queer Fire Survivors

More than 20 LGBTs throughout Sonoma County, including heads of some of its LGBT organizations, met October 19 to come up with solutions to aid queer survivors of the wildfires. ...
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Top 5 Reasons Why Social Media is Addictive

With 72% of U.S. adults spending up to 23 hours a week on social media, it is fair to say that as a nation we are addicted. ...
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Loving Yourself – Things You Can Do to Boost Your Morale

To regain a jovial perspective on life, it’s important to treat and love yourself. We know that sounds a little vague, so we’re going to give you some specific examples of what you can do to improve your mood in the long run. ...
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Mary Lambert/Press Photo
Entertainment Local

Mary Lambert’s Vulnerability Inspires Others

Throughout her work, Lambert continues to express her vulnerability, whether it’s posting a photo on social media of herself crying after experiencing a bipolar episode, or dancing around in a crop top. ...
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Julia-Grace Sanders

Why it Matters That Girls Can Boy Scout

As an adult, I’m passionate about the outdoors and I can’t help but get a little angsty that my Boy Scouts education was cut short at the soap-carving unit. ...
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Maya Jafer

Indian Transgender Woman Maya Jafer Speaks on Trump Travel Ban

In the 10 years it took me to become a U.S. citizen, I faced financial hardship, dozens of interviews, and lived in constant fear of deportation. Despite being a highly skilled, in-demand worker as a doctor, the process was nothing short of painful. ...
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Photo: Hannah Pickering

TED-Ed Seattle Educator is Giving Teachers and Students a Platform to Express Identity

Seattle educator Kristin Leong is giving teachers and students a platform to express identity and connect through TED-Ed Innovation project. ...
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Bob Inglis

The Disappearing Island

Former South Carolina Republican congressman Bob Inglis, who once scoffed at climate change, overcame a humiliating defeat by deciding to take on skeptics within his party. ...
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Faith and Religion

Love for All in Utah

Stephenie Larsen forged past fear and skepticism to create the first LGBT community center in Provo, Utah, in an attempt to reduce suicides among gay teens and build bridges with the Mormon Church.  ...
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