250 Same-Sex Marriages in Cleveland for One Night Only – Still Not Legal Statewide

250 Same-Sex Marriages in Cleveland for One Night Only – Still Not Legal Statewide

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Downtown Cleveland was aglow with wedding nuptials left and right on Saturday night.  A mass same-sex wedding was the play of the day as more than 250 gay marriages enveloped the Metropolis of the Western Reserve to make history in the “Rust Belt.”

According to Fox 8 Cleveland:

Jamie Moore says he has waited a long time to marry his partner of six years.  “And even though in the eyes of the state this isn’t legal, to us, this is a wedding, and this is a way that we can commit to each other,” Moore said.

Kathy Mauricio agreed after exchanging vows with her bride, Nonnie.  “It’s legal to me, and no one can take that away from us,” she said.

“Before, this used to be something that was shamed upon, and now it is out in the open. So, it is going to happen,” Mauricio said.

Although 250 same-sex marriages were performed, none of them hold any legal weight as their marriages are not recognized statewide – the Ohio Constitution currently bans same-sex marriage and deems marriage as an act between one man and one woman.

Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, and the District of Columbia allow gay marriage. Washington State and Maryland recently passed same-sex marriage laws. New Jersey also approved same-sex marriage, but Gov. Chris Christie vetoed it immediately following the vote.



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