5 Popular Cosmetic Treatments Among Lesbians

5 Popular Cosmetic Treatments Among Lesbians

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More and more women have ditched their beauty regimen and opted for non-invasive cosmetic treatments instead. It’s no surprise that many women, especially lesbians, would like to look and feel good in an age where ‘filtered’ picture-perfect beauty is desired. Today, there’s no need to go under the knife at all; with the popularity and affordability of non-invasive cosmetic treatments, many women and lesbians alike have been seeking such treatments to enhance how they look and feel. These treatments aren’t popular with just celebrities anymore, but with the rest of the population. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of non-invasive cosmetic treatments has increased around 200% in the past 20 years with no signs of stopping. With its constant availability, popularity and its advancement in technology, many women and lesbians have normalized the concept of getting these procedures. Below are the top 5 cosmetic treatments popular amongst lesbians.

1) Dermal Fillers for youthful skin

Injectables and Botox have become very mainstream due to their successful results and availability. These tissue fillers enhance your skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, enhances volume back in cheeks, as well as plump up your lips for that luscious pout. Many lesbians, especially in their late 30s or 40s, have opted for these fillers to keep their youthfulness intact. Dermal fillers are ideal for restoring volume and facial tissues and getting tighter, age-free skin.

2) Vaginal TLC

No lesbian will miss out on an opportunity to enhance the nether-regions for a more pleasurable sex life. There are two treatments popular with lesbians when it comes to the female anatomy. The first one is the ever-so-popular O Shot. Known as the “Orgasm Shot,” it’s popular because it’s a natural solution for improving sexual pleasure and reaching the perfect orgasm. This exciting development was created for women and lesbians who often face minor sexual dysfunction by using a PRP treatment. A Platelet Rich Plasma treatment uses the patient’s own blood to stimulate vagina cells after injections. You can click here to know if you’re a candidate for the PRP O Shot.

Another popular treatment is vaginal rejuvenation. Many women and lesbians go through hormonal changes over the years and it affects their female anatomy. As women age, vaginas often lose the ability to lubricate, lack in tightness, and have stress urinary incontinence. This type of energy-based treatment is ideal for post-partum women or lesbians who are going through menopause. These treatments include laser or radiofrequency to induce collagen tightening and enhance sexual function.

3) More than just a facial

Obviously, one of the first things you look for in a woman is her face. Many lesbians opt for ‘celebrity’ facials to achieve their stunning skin and youthful look. The “Vampire Facial” is a PRP treatment aimed to rejuvenate your face by microneedling your skin cells to soak them with enriched plasma from your own blood. It might sound a little icky, but believe it or not, its results are endless. A PRP facial achieves bouncier skin, removes any acne scars or skin discoloration, and reduces large pores as well as giving you a clearer complexion and a vibrant skin tone. “Oxygen Facials” are also a popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure. This high tech treatment pushes oxygen, vitamin treatments, and botanicals into the skin through steam pressure. It makes your skin look balanced, reduces wrinkles, plumps up your cheeks, and makes your tone brighter. Chemical peels are also popular among lesbians because it removes dead skin skills to reveal new and smoother skin.

4)  Body Sculpting and Fat Removal

Coolsculpting is the alternative non-surgical method for liposuction and fat removal. Many lesbians who would like to remove any excess fat around their body, and want to look great in that summer bikini, will opt for body sculpting. This procedure targets stubborn fat pockets that diet and exercise can’t remove. The fat cells near the skin are suctioned with paddles and then a freezing mechanism is applied till they’re destroyed beneath the skin. They’re then smoothed out to spread across your body naturally. More than one session is needed, but there will be no pain or scarring afterwards, meaning you can show off that bikini bod with ease.

5) Smoothing out Cellulite

You gotta admit, we’re a world obsessed with cellulite-free butts thanks to celebrities who have undergone butt augmentations. But going under the knife isn’t needed with non-invasive treatments like Cellfina. This procedure is popular among lesbians who are looking for that bootylicious body just in time for summer. It targets cellulite in the buttocks as well as thigh dimples. It reduces that ‘orange peel’ skin look by 90% for a smoother look. Cellfina treats the connective tissue that causes cellulite and breaks it up to create smoother skin. This treatment only takes around an hour and lasts for three years.

No need to go under the knife

Everyone needs to feel great about themselves, stay youthful, and find the right female companion. It’s impressive what minimally invasive procedures can achieve on your face and body, not to mention your overall confidence. Many lesbians have opted for non-surgical treatments due to their quick results and affordability. Before getting a procedure, do your research and make sure this one is right for you.



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