5 Quick Tips for Using a Lesbian Dating Site If It’s Your First Time

5 Quick Tips for Using a Lesbian Dating Site If It’s Your First Time

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We all know that the same rules for dating don’t apply to men and women, let alone people in same-sex relationships. However, if you’re a lesbian and looking to start dating, there are some things that you can keep in mind to make your online dating experience a little easier. This rundown of five quick tips for using a lesbian dating site will help you get off on right foot.

Have a Good (Not Great) Picture

The first thing that you should know about dating online as a lesbian is that you want a picture that is good, not great. If you go all out with the makeup and contouring it’s going to be hard to keep up that image every time you’re having video chat. If your face appears on screen and you suddenly have a vague resemblance to your profile picture, it’s going to send up some unnecessary red flags. Make sure your picture is nice or cute, but definitely make sure it doesn’t set unreasonable expectations.

Be Specific with Your Biography

This is a general misstep that people take when they are searching for a partner. They will add into their biography that they love to “go out and have fun” or something of the sort. That isn’t very specific and it doesn’t let anyone get to know the real you. Instead, you should say something that you think is specifically fun like you like to go dancing, or hiking, or painting. It gives a more realistic view of you.

Make Sure You Are Using the Right Website

You have to make sure that you are on a dating website that caters to lesbian women in large numbers. While some of the bigger dating websites out there have recently allowed lesbians to start dating, the fact is that a lot of them only have a small following due to their past of non-inclusion. It’s always a good idea to do some research and see what you can find out about the website before you start looking for naughty lesbians on the wrong website.

Be Upfront About Your Desires for a Partner

A lot of people will say that they want a person that is health conscious instead of stating that they don’t want to date someone that has a larger body type. While you might feel as though you are being mean, when it comes to love you have to know what you want and tell people. You won’t think twice about saying that you don’t want a smoker to share your apartment with, so why don’t you say that you don’t want someone who has three glasses of wine every night?

Keep Your Safety in Mind

The final thing that you need to do to have a good time on a dating website is to keep your safety in mind. You might be so happy that you’ve found a match that you will hop off the app and into a cab to go meet them. That’s all fine and fun, but you should make sure that you’re meeting somewhere in public, letting people know where you’re going and who with, and then letting your date know the same. Too many lesbian women have been met with everything from disappointment to harm while dating, and by taking some basic steps you’ll be on the safer side.

As you can see, there are definitely some keys to lesbian dating that only apply to women looking for other women. By making sure that you have a good picture, are very specific in your biography, use the right dating websites, and keep your desires and safety in mind, you’ll be good to go. More or less, being conscious of your expectations for a date is the key to finding someone that you’ll have a lot of fun dating.



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