A Dialogue with The Next Family Founder Brandy Black

A Dialogue with The Next Family Founder Brandy Black

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The Next Family founder Brandy Black and her modern family
Brandy Black and her modern family

The Next Family describes itself as “a diverse community where modern families meet.” The website addresses the ever-changing nature of today’s modern family in a comprehensive fashion. The website, while it maintains a large LGBT audience, is not specifically just for one group of people. It speaks to anybody whose family doesn’t fit what society has scripted in the years gone by as the traditional family unit.

The Seattle Lesbian’s Mallorie De Riggi sat down with The Next Family founder Brandy Black to discuss the website modern families everywhere are talking about now.

Please tell us about The Next Family
The Next Family is an online magazine and resource for the modern parent and modern family. It specifically speaks to the diversity of families that exist in society. We also place a significant focus on LGBT parents and families by providing resources and information. Our site maintains a collection of bloggers from various backgrounds and situations, including single parent and mixed race families. The site speaks to complicated issues such as marriage, surrogacy, divorce, and many other topics that offer valuable insights from real people.

Black Howard 2What motivated you to create The Next Family?
When I was pregnant with my first daughter five years ago, as a married, lesbian woman, I was looking for resources and visiting websites that spoke to me and I felt like there was definitely a void of resources at that time. Resources for LGBT parents were limited online and I wanted to create a space that spoke to many people out there who were seeking resources and information that addressed their own life experiences and their families.


What sort of resources are available to people who visit?
We have a newsletter that visitors can sign up for as well as a variety of content written by our team of writers who address a wide range of relevant news and topics. There is also a growing section of videos that we have placed on our site. We launched a YouTube channel where you can find our videos. We are very active on our social media outlets, so please be sure to check those out as well. We’re on Facebook and Twitter. We have an e-store that sells a variety of our apparel and merchandise as well, and we spotlight products that we recommend for parents and families. My wife [Susan Howard] created a modern parents CD for kids that is also featured on our website and is available for purchase.

What else can we expect from The Next Family in the future?
We are working on holding local events, that’s definitely something we want to do. We also want to create a more interactive space on our site. Allowing for more direct interaction with our visitors is one of our goals for the future.



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