A New Beginning for Naya Rivera and Santana

A New Beginning for Naya Rivera and Santana

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Photo: Fox
Photo: Fox

The fourth season of Glee is underway and some major things have already happened, namely the end of Brittana.

The heart-wrenching break-up between the lovable airhead Brittany and the sassy cheerleader Santana seemed to sadden the nation more than it did for Santana and Brittany.

“Every now and then I’ll check Twitter and ‘Brittana forever!’ will be trending worldwide,” Naya Rivera (who plays Santana Lopez) told Vulture.

Brittana may be no more, but is a budding love story between Santana and Quinn, who slept together a few episodes ago?

“[Quinn] is like a crazy person anyways. Of course she would try this because she would try anything,” Rivera said. “Quinn has literally done everything. She’s been paralyzed. She’s been pregnant. She’s now been a lesbian for a minute.”

So maybe it was just a one night stand, but now that Santana has finally made it to the Big Apple, perhaps she can find a nice east coast girl that can keep up with her quick witted sass.

Either that, or focus on her career. Though it took forever for Santana to reach New York, now the storyline can move from her personal life to her job (which, thus far, is not turning out to be what she hoped for.)

Similarly, Rivera is focusing on her career not as an actress, but as a singer. Her “soulful, jazzy, urban, like Amy Winehouse’s jazz influences, a hip-hop Adele, a little Beyonce…” sounding album is in the making, with hopes of having it out this year.

So, while Santana and Brittany may be over, this could be the fresh new beginning that both the actress – and her character – need.



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