About.com Interview with Sarah Toce from The Seattle Lesbian

About.com Interview with Sarah Toce from The Seattle Lesbian

Sarah Toce, Founder of The Seattle Lesbian

By Kathy Belge, About.com Guide

Lesbian Life: Give me a little of the background on The Seattle Lesbian. What was your idea in starting the site? Why a site just for lesbians in Seattle?

Sarah Toce: The Seattle Lesbian is the first of its kind in Seattle. Before The Seattle Lesbian, we didn’t have a lesbian-geared news source and, when we were mentioned as a part of the community in our local LGBT paper, it was a mere sentence – a blip on the radar. If I am to be frank, I had grown quite tired of being published all over the country (Advocate/SheWired, Windy City Times, Cherry Grrl, Examiner, Yahoo!) but not able to break into the all-male game in Seattle media. I had a deep-seated feeling that the women reading the papers in town were growing tired of not being recognized and, as I would soon find out, they sure were.

What were you hoping to do with the site when you first started it?

There was a definite need to fill a void in the global LGBT community (as well as Seattle’s) and we wanted to be a part of that. Our main objective was (and continues to be) to provide timely, substantial, LGBT-based news, entertainment and real-life stories to our community through real-time reporting and research.

Far too often the LGBT community is divided by different monikers and earth-bending pre-set notions when, really, we all want the same thing. Equality. Peace. Love. Understanding. Joy. Hopefully The Seattle Lesbian will help bridge the gap between the letters we so often spell out when forced to label one another and ourselves.

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