Add a Little Extra Pride to Your Christmas Plans with These 11 Holiday Ideas

Add a Little Extra Pride to Your Christmas Plans with These 11 Holiday Ideas

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Are you looking for a way to strut your stuff this holiday season? There’s no better feeling than being unashamedly yourself while also celebrating the holidays. Whether you’re heading to the holiday party at your work, visiting family back home, traveling abroad for the holidays, or just dashing about town looking for last-minute gifts, you want to look your best and your most festive while also being proud of who you are. Check out these 5 ideas for adding a little extra pride to your Christmas plans this holiday season.

Idea 1: Christmas Sweaters
Everyone loves a good ugly Christmas sweater. One fun way to celebrate your pride during the holidays is to invest in a fun, trendy, or outrageous sweater that scores you 10/10 on the festive scale. Plus, they’re warm! You can’t beat that.

Idea 2: Pride Decorations
If you love pride AND the holidays, guess what? You can get some sweet, pride-themed holiday decorations online to in the spirit. Deck your house or apartment in awesome decorations this holiday season!

Idea 3: LGBTQ White Elephant
This one is a fun one. Get together with your friends and have a grand ol’ time swapping and stealing gifts! Make it special for your friends in the community by exchanging fun LGBTQ-themed presents. Whether that just means flamingo wrapping paper or serious books on the queer experience is totally up to you!

Idea 4: Go to an Affirming Church Service

It’s a fact: many of us are spiritual. And guess what? There are tons of churches in the Seattle area that are open and affirming of all lifestyles. If you celebrate the holidays in a spiritual way, seek out one of these churches for a service that lets you be yourself while practicing the spirituality you love.

Idea 5: Carol with the Community
Get together with your #squad and treat the neighborhood to some tunes. Everyone loves seeing a group of carolers make the rounds bringing merriment to everyone’s doors. Plus, by going around knocking on doors, you’ll get to know your neighbors a little better.

Idea 6: Donate to LGBTQ Charities
The holidays are a time of giving. As we all know, many LGBTQ youth are survivors of bullying, harassment, and abuse. Luckily, there are charities that try to help those who have been treated this way. One thing that you can do during the holiday season to add a little extra pride to your celebrations is donate to a charity helping queer youth in need.

Idea 7: Help Homeless Shelters
Did you know that queer youth are overrepresented in the homeless population? Sadly, it’s true. One way that you can give back to the community – and to everyone! – is by volunteering your time in a shelter. Whether that means making beds, cooking soup, or serving dinner, your efforts will surely be appreciated.

Idea 8: Take a Holiday Vacation
Let’s face it: we all need a break. This holiday season, treat yourself to a wintertime vacation getaway. Take your partner somewhere that’s perfect for winter, like Colorado if you like the snow, or Florida if you want warmer weather.

Idea 9: Throw a Queer Holiday Party
Show all your friends you know how to get down on the dance floor by throwing a fun holiday party. Find a solid holiday pop playlist and sing your heart out as you and your friends dance the night away. This is a great time to try out a White Elephant game, too!

Idea 10: Tour an Ultra-Decorated Neighborhood
You know that neighborhood in your town that goes all-out for the holidays? Get your pals together and take a stroll down Christmas lane, taking in the sights and reveling in the lights. There’s no better way to get in the spirit than seeing how much fun everyone is having with holiday cheer.

Idea 11: Tell your friends how important they are
The holidays are a time of love and gratitude. This holiday season, take some time to reach out to your friends and family and communicate to them how important they are in your life. It’s cliché, but the spirit of the season is about who you’re with and care about.

Pride is all about loving who you are no matter what your lifestyle is. This holiday season, go all out and show the world your pride!



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