American Reunion Reassembles American Pie Cast 13 Years Later

American Reunion Reassembles American Pie Cast 13 Years Later

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Excerpt from David Germain’s AP piece on the “American Reunion” Film:

“American Pie” came out of nowhere in the summer of 1999 to become a $100 million smash and continued with 2001’s “American Pie 2” and 2003’s “American Wedding.”

Hollywood figures it’s time for another slice. “American Reunion” brings back all the principal cast for the first time since “American Pie 2” for an outrageous reunion weekend.

Here’s a look at what the actors and their characters have been up to in the last 13 years.

Jason Biggs as Jim:

Since “American Pie,” Biggs starred in Woody Allen’s “Anything Else” and had roles in Kevin Smith’s “Jersey Girl” and such films as “Saving Silverman,” “Prozac Nation” and “Eight Below,” while giving the small-screen a try with the TV comedy “Mad Love.”

But he’s still best known for his role as a horny teen who pleasures himself with a pie.

In “American Reunion,” Jim’s settled in with Michelle (Alyson Hannigan), whom he married in “American Wedding.” Despite having a young son, Jim’s still finding himself in compromising sexual situations, this time with the hot 18-year-old who had a crush on him when he babysat her as a child.

“In terms of headspace, I think he’s surprised to find himself in really a similar sort of scenario as the first film, and frankly, all the films, which is to say, he is sexually frustrated,” Biggs said. “He’s like, `You know, haven’t I grown up? I’ve got a wife and a kid. How is this possible?'”

Alyson Hannigan as Michelle:

Already a fan favorite as bookish Willow on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” when “American Pie” came out, Hannigan has continued her TV success with the comedy “How I Met Your Mother.”

In “American Reunion,” the adorable band-camp geek of the first “American Pie” has grown into a tender mom, who happens to be married to a guy who keeps stumbling into embarrassing sex-capades.

Hannigan has a pretty good idea of where Michelle might be at if there were another “American Pie” movie 13 years from now.

“She’ll probably be worried about her son being a teenager, because he’s got half of Jim’s genes,” Hannigan said. “So maybe she’ll be like, looking at boarding schools, military schools, like on a remote island. Where all the girls will be safe.”

Seann William Scott as Steve Stifler:

After party-boy Stifler, Scott has kept a busy big-screen career going with “Dude, Where’s My Car?”, “Road Trip,” “The Dukes of Hazzard,” “The Rundown” and “Role Models.” His latest, the hockey tale “Goon,” has just opened.

As “American Reunion” begins, Stifler’s the only one of the gang who hasn’t gotten on with his life. He’s just thrilled for a chance to relive the glory days of keggers and mayhem with his old pals. Continued…



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