And Baby Makes Three, Thanks to The Stork!

And Baby Makes Three, Thanks to The Stork!

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IMG_9309By Leslie Swiantek, Cobblestone Communications

Everything else just disappeared. That’s how Amy Rafieyan felt when she first saw Elizabeth walk in the door at a friend’s Super Bowl party. Elizabeth said she never believed in love at first sight until she met Amy. They were both convinced that they met their future wife that night.

After meeting in 2011 and marrying in 2014, the couple was ready to expand their family. Amy had already given birth to two children during a previous marriage. Since Amy is older and had experienced pregnancy and childbirth twice before, the couple decided that Elizabeth would carry their child.

The Rafieyan’s immersed themselves in every aspect of the often confusing and sometimes heartbreaking world of building a family through donor insemination. It’s been not only an education in conception, but also in hope and working as a team.

“Shopping for sperm was very taxing for me,” said Amy. “I did my research to try and find a donor that matched more of my characteristics since Elizabeth would naturally have many of the baby’s features.”

While Amy and Elizabeth tried to maintain a lighthearted attitude during the insemination process, they also understood what they were doing was serious business. Elizabeth began tracking her ovulation using an app and found a one-week window for their first try once the 12 vials and an insemination kit with syringes and cups arrived. But, unfortunately they found out they weren’t pregnant while on a trip to Disney World. The couple was crushed, but they didn’t give up hope.

It was then that Elizabeth happened to come across a website for The Stork OTC. She watched The Stork’s video and sent Amy the link. The couple purchased a twin pack before their second try at insemination, but again the pregnancy test came up negative.

“I think we were so busy during the time of the second try, that we missed the window of ovulation,” said Elizabeth. “Timing is everything with insemination. If it is done within 12 hours of ovulation, your chances are the greatest. We tracked ovulation better the following month and about 9 or 10 days after insemination using The Stork OTC, I found out I was pregnant and our little guy was on his way!”

Elizabeth captured that moment on a YouTube video where she told Amy the tearfully great news. The touching video encapsulates every moment of joy that all couples trying to conceive hope for.

Elizabeth and Amy welcomed their son, Jameson Roy, on August 13, 2016.

“The Stork OTC is simple to use and puts the sperm as close as possible to the cervix. You know that its working like it’s supposed to and that takes the stress out of it. You don’t have to worry about syringes, etc.,” said Elizabeth. “We’re total advocates of The Stork and always share The Stork’s videos in my mom groups because more people should know about this product – it’s easy to use at home, eases your mind and it’s inexpensive. Most health insurances don’t cover any fertility needs, so The Stork is a lot less expensive than doing an intrauterine insemination (IUI) at the doctor.”

In fact, since its introduction, The Stork OTC has resulted in hundreds of confirmed births. According to a 10-month study by Dr. Michael J. Pelekanos, published in the journal Surgical Technology International, The Stork OTC increased sperm score concentration at the cervix by an average of 323% in 85% of couples compared to those sperm score values at the cervix with natural intercourse.


“Three times the sperm value is quite significant for so many couples,” says Dr. Pelekanos, “Understanding the growing value of semen for successful conception, and having a technology like The Stork OTC may greatly impact many couples on their path to building a family.”

The Stork OTC is an FDA-cleared over-the-counter treatment device designed to optimize the chances of at-home conception using the cervical cap insemination technique. Cervical cap insemination is a well-documented and clinically proven method of fertility treatment with a success rate of up to 20%[1]. This type of treatment has been used effectively in the professional setting, but now it’s readily available to couples at home.

Amy and Elizabeth are currently trying for baby #2 using The Stork OTC and are documenting their process on their YouTube channel.

To learn more about The Stork OTC, visit:

[1] Corson SL, Batzar FR, Otis C, Fee D. The cervical cap for home artificial insemination. J Reprod. Med., 1986, May; 31.



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