Anderson Cooper Rejoins Kathy Griffin for New Year’s Eve Live

Anderson Cooper Rejoins Kathy Griffin for New Year’s Eve Live

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Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin host New Year's Eve Live.
New Year’s Eve Live Photo

This year comedian Kathy Griffin, 54, and journalist Anderson Cooper, 47, will be hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live for the eighth time together.

“I’m always nervous when we’re together,” Cooper said. “I never know what she’s going to do, and inevitably, she does several things that are outrageous or shocking, and I spend the rest of the night thinking, ‘Who am I going to have to apologize to now?’ But it’s always fun and I think it’s fun for the folks that are watching.”

Cooper said he is excited to work on New Year’s Eve.

“I started working New Year’s Eve because I find it dreadful in New York,” he said. “You can’t get a cab, and Uber is four times the normal cost. There are lines for everything. So I volunteered to work.”

Griffin half-jokingly said that she gets fired every year. She did get banned once for a potty mouth, but then she was un-banned.

“And they always want me to apologize,” Griffin says. “And I won’t. Don’t be fooled. I get yelled at during every commercial break.”

When asked why Cooper puts up with Griffin’s nonsense, he says it’s because he’s genuinely friends with her. “And she’s funny as hell,” he said.

During their interview, Cooper was asked if Griffin’s teasing about sex bothered him before he was out of the closet.

“That’s not fair! Listen, I know two straight guys: my boyfriend and my dad. So if I talked to Anderson like a gay guy, I didn’t mean to out him. I was just talking the way I talk,” Griffin said.

Cooper said he doesn’t care what other people say.

“He only cares about what people think he looks like,” Griffin said. “He’s much simpler than you’re making it.”

New Year’s Eve Live begins Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CNN.



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