Andrea Wing Harnesses Her Passion for Cinema to Lift BuskFilms Off the Ground

Andrea Wing Harnesses Her Passion for Cinema to Lift BuskFilms Off the Ground

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Andrea Wing

The new lesbian digital entertainment site BuskFilms has launched! BuskFilms is breaking new ground in independent lesbian cinema by providing international distribution online for films that much of the time can only be seen at film festivals. The site streams on-demand short and feature length films as well as episodic content. Many films are free of charge to the viewer. When there is a charge, the prices range from $1.99-$4.99 per film. 

BuskFilms aspires to foster the growth of filmmaking internationally through revenue sharing agreements with filmmakers and become a leading digital network in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) market. The site also offers an interactive discussion section and blog. Sharing is made easy via social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.

Andrea Wing is the Founder and CEO of BuskaFilms. Wing has worked as a director and producer in the film and video industry for the past ten years. She deeply understands the lesbian community and the issues surrounding the independent and documentary film circuits. Wing is a new breed of film industry entrepeneur and she builds on the foundations of Web and Mobile 2.0. 

It was three years ago when Andrea Wing realized the lack of readily available lesbian-themed on-line entertainment. After months of research, Wing put together a business plan that actually landed her angel investment from two silent sources. She got to work and put all the pieces of the puzzle together for the operation.

Wing’s motivation also came from her wanting to connect artists with their community since she knew how hard it could be for filmmakers to land a lucrative distribution deal and see real monetary gain from their work. The innovative thing is that BuskFilms allows filmmakers to make money off of every rental. Wing hopes this will allow artists to create future film projects.

Well, it’s about time the lesbian film industry takes a huge step forward, thanks to Andrea Wing and her brialliant ideas that have actually materialized into reality!



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