Angelina Jolie Visits Vatican, Impresses Onlookers with ‘Unbroken’

Angelina Jolie Visits Vatican, Impresses Onlookers with ‘Unbroken’

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Louis Zamperini, the Inspiration for Angelina Jolie's Unbroken. Photo: People
Louis Zamperini, the Inspiration for Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken. Photo: People

Angelina Jolie was invited to visit the Vatican to host a special screening of her movie Unbroken on January 8.

“Being invited with my film to the Vatican is an honor and a great tribute to the story that I have told in Unbroken,” the mother of six said. “The story of the hero Louis a great example of strength and forgiveness.”

Jolie also got to meet the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis.

“Pope Francis, aware of the incredible life story of Louis Zamperini, graciously welcomed the opportunity to view the film and is expected to attend the screening at the Casina Pio IV, headquarters of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences,” Universal Pictures said.

The story is based on Laura Hillenbrand’s book, which details the life of the Olympic distance runner and the World War II bombardier who survived a plane crash, weeks in shark infested waters and 28 months of starvation and torture in Japanese prison camps.

The Chancellor of Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Monsignor Marcelo Sanchez-Sorondo, said the film made an impression on him.

“Through her work at the U.N. she told him he was a leader for these people and an important help for them,” she said of Jolie. “Unbroken made a big impression [on those who saw it at the Vatican today]. It is a very significant and a very strong film.”

While the movie didn’t take home any Golden Globes, there are already rumors it will be in the running for the American Film Institute Awards’ movie of the year.



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