Annie Lennox to Release First Holiday Album

Annie Lennox to Release First Holiday Album

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Looking for something new to listen to this holiday season? On November 16, 2010, lesbian-favorite Annie Lennox will release her sixth solo album and first-ever holiday recording, A Christmas Cornucopia. It will mark her first record release with Universal Music Group.

A Christmas Cornucopia showcases Lennox singing the classic hits “The Holly And The Ivy,” “Silent Night,” “The First Noel,” and other, more unconventional choices like “Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant,” and “Lullay Lullay.” The highly-anticipated album displays Lennox’s commitment to her British, French and German heritage.

The new album will also feature a tune that has not yet been released by Lennox called “Universal Child.” Expect “Universal Child” to premiere as the first single from A Christmas Cornucopia.

“I’ve known these songs and carols all my life, and I’ve sung them since I was little,” said the celebrated singer/songwriter. “They’re just in me. They’re a huge part of my life. So it’s not an arbitrary selection. Those relationships with those pieces of music were there intrinsically before I approached the recording.”

Lennox collarborated with co-producer Mike Stevens to record the holiday album with over 30 choirs in both southwest London and South Africa. Lennox has held a long relationship with the African Children’s Choir and they are featured in the music as well.

Of the inspired partnership, Lennox shared, “There are 34 different choirs. They’re like a big extended family – the people who work with them, their careers, are called aunties and uncles. And it’s so precious – if you asked them, as we did with these eight and nine year olds, ‘how is your life different now that you’re in the choir?’ They would say things like, ‘Now I get really good food to eat.’ Or, ‘Now I wear nice clothes.’  “I had met them several times before, through 44664 (Nelson Mandela’s HIV AIDS foundation) – we had this ongoing connection, and I felt that if I was to record any children’s voices it had to be theirs.”

Pre-order your copy of A Christmas Cornucopia on Amazon today.

Lennox will be premiering “Universal Child” via BBC Radio 2 on October 12, 2010. You can listen here. “Universal Child” will be available on iTunes following its premiere on BBC Radio 2.



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