Anyone But Me Season Three Exclusives! Details!

Anyone But Me Season Three Exclusives! Details!

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Rachael Hip-Flores (L) and Nicole Pacent (R)

Anyone But Me, the original critically acclaimed award-winning modern teen drama, has announced that season three will premiere on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 here! Audiences can see a new episode of this five-episode season every other week. New season extras, including exclusive behind-the-scenes video interviews and photos will be rolled out every week throughout the season.

Viewers have continued to discover Anyone But Me over the past two seasons, helping it reach a milestone of over seven million global views across the show’s online distribution networks. With season three, the total number of series episodes will grow to 25.
Online Premiere Fan Events
Anyone But Me’s “Sneak Peak & Live Chat” events will be hosted by Rachael Hip-Flores (Vivian) at 8:00pm on the East Coast and Nicole Pacent (Aster) at 8:00pm on the West Coast. Fans will watch the premiere with each actor and discuss the episode together online. (The premiere episode will be removed after each event until its official premiere the next day.) This is a free event that everyone is welcome to attend online. No RSVP is required. More details will be shared on the show’s website, Facebook group and via Twitter the week before. This is the show’s first live event for fans.

The Seattle Lesbian received the following exclusive statement from Anyone But Me executive producer, writer and director, Tina Cesa Ward:

We’re excited about bringing Season three to our incredible fans. There’s a lot packed into these five episodes, and as always we’ll be in the middle of the storylines everyone is so eager to get back to while continuing to grow with the characters.  We’re taking a different storytelling approach with this season. Time plays a major factor in the unraveling of the story and so does location. “Anyone But Me” is no longer contained to New York alone.  We’ll also meet some new characters this season, characters that have been mentioned in past seasons and those that are totally new on the scene. 
With every season of “Anyone But Me” we have continued to progress not only the characters and storylines but we also keep pushing ourselves as storytellers. The goal is to always make a very compelling show, while never losing sight of what makes this show special and why our fans love it so much. 

We also had the pleasure of receiving the following exclusive statement from executive producer and writer of Anyone But Me – Susan Miller.

What comes next is a thrill ride. For us and for the fans, we hope. Season three is going to challenge the imagination and pose as many questions as it answers. We wanted to take Vivian, Aster and their friends one more step ahead in their growth. And in their experiences. This is going to be an emotionally rich, intriguing journey for everyone. Be prepared! This season will make you crazy, happy, tortured and everything in between. All the reasons you want your ABM!

Catch up with the cast and crew of Anyone But Me before the season three premiere here!



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