Apparent Murder Suicide in Arizona, 15-Year-Olds Were Reportedly Dating

Apparent Murder Suicide in Arizona, 15-Year-Olds Were Reportedly Dating

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After the murder suicide of two female students who were reportedly in a relationship, a group of men came to the Arizona school protesting homosexuality, followed by a counter protest of students in support of LGBT classmates.
May Kieu and Dorothy Dutiel, both 15-year-old sophomores at Independence High School in Glendale, Ariz., were found with a single gunshot wound in each, next to a covered patio on the Independence campus on Friday, Feb. 12 just before classes were to start. A note and handgun were found nearby.
Days before the shooting, Dutiel tweeted “Rejected af” followed by “Good bye (:” Thursday night. It’s believed she took Kieu’s life before taking her own.
While Kieu’s sister, who worked as a science teacher at the school, denies the two were in a relationship, Glendale police say “information gathered by detectives reveal the two girls were very close freinds, appearing to also be in a relationship.” Friends say the two had been dating for over two years.
May Kieu and Dorothy Dutiel
May Kieu and Dorothy Dutiel

Dutiel’s aunt said her family knew she was gay and supported her relationship.

She was in great spirits just being her goody, silly self,” Julie Moore said. “There was absolutely no sign of her being depressed at that moment.”
According to Moore, Dutiel left the suicide note found.
“She apologized to her mother and told her there was nothing she could’ve done to change the situation,” Moore said.
The Tuesday following the shooting, protesters showed up to the school to speak out against homosexuality. They shouted things like “You know that these kids hate themselves,” and “You’re going to be suicidal, you’re not going to know God,” into megaphones. The next day, students came to school wearing rainbow colors to combat the protesters.
Students say both of the girls were loved by friends and that they were “amazing people.”
Both Dutiel and Kieu’s families started GoFundMe pages for funeral costs.



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