Apple Shows Anti-Gay App the Door

Apple Shows Anti-Gay App the Door

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0 to be freed of homosexuality?

Don’t worry, there’s an app for that!

Or, there was at least.

The Apple App Store removed an app that promised users “freedom from homosexuality,” according to ABC News. The app is still available in Google’s Play Store for Android phones and tablets.

The app was designed by Setting Captives Free, a nondenominational ministry in Ohio that, “teaches the biblical principles of freedom in Jesus Christ,” according to their website. Their founder and president, Mike Cleveland, was “captive to habitual sins for many years,” until he finally began to seek help and learned the biblical solution to his sin problem.

The mobile app and website offer a 60-day interactive course and information to fight the temptation of gay. One course is titled, “Door of Hope: Freedom from the Bondage of Homosexuality.”

The gay rights and equality group All Out noticed the app a few weeks ago and a particular passage caught their eye:

Friend, before we discover God’s method of freeing us from homosexuality, we must first agree with God on the issue of homosexuality.

All Out started a petition asking Apple and Google to get rid of the app. The petition has over 94,000 signatures so far. However, apparently that’s not enough for Google.

While Apple removed the app stating, “Apps that present excessively objectionable or crude content will be rejected,” Google has yet to do the same, though they banned a pornography app for Google Glass earlier this week.

“All Out would like to engage in a conversation with Google about why the so-called ‘Gay Cures’ app is so dangerous, especially to young people,” All Out’s director of community Campaigns Joe Mirabella told ABC News. “All Out would like Google to remove the app from their stores before anyone is harmed.”

This isn’t the first “Gay Cure” app that has been banned. In March 2011 Apple also pulled an app called Exodus which was designed to help people “in their journey out of homosexuality.”



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