Approve R74 Gets Bipartisan Support in Final Stretch

Approve R74 Gets Bipartisan Support in Final Stretch

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Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Former Republican governor, United States Senator and one of Washington’s most prominent and beloved statesmen, Dan Evans, Thursday endorsed Referendum 74, joining 184 other federal, state and municipal elected officials who have stepped forward to speak out in favor of the state’s bipartisan marriage law and the freedom to marry.

“As a Republican, I believe strongly in individual liberty and freedom,” said Evans. “So, for me, approving Referendum 74, supporting our bipartisan marriage law, and giving everyone the freedom to marry the person they love, just seems right and reflects the fundamental value of fairness that we treasure here in Washington.”

“Voters have an opportunity to do the right thing for all Washington families, and that’s to vote ‘Approve’ on Referendum 74,” said Senator Maria Cantwell. “Only marriage guarantees that all families are treated fairly and with respect. Referendum 74 is important for Washington families and it reflects our core values of liberty and freedom.”

“I am so proud of so many of my colleagues who took a journey on the question of marriage, and concluded that in Washington, we treat everyone fairly and with respect, and that includes giving people the freedom to marry the person they love,” said State Senator Ed Murray, the bill’s Senate sponsor. “Working on our bipartisan marriage law and now working to approve R-74 has proven that this is not a political issue, but rather a question of valuing all Washington families and treating them equally under the law.”

“As a Republican, I’ve endorsed Referendum 74 because I believe we should all have the freedom to marry the person we love,” said State Senator Steve Litzow of Mercer Island. “I was proud to support this bipartisan law on the floor of the State Senate, and I am proud to continue to support this measure that extends freedom to thousands of Washingtonians across the state.”

“I urge voters to mark ‘Approve’ on Referendum 74 and ensure that Washington makes history on Nov. 6th by embracing civil marriage equality,” said State Senator Derek Kilmer, candidate for the 6th Congressional district. “Especially during this economic downturn, allowing more families to access the protections of marriage and ensuring they live with as much certainty and dignity as possible, makes sense.”

State Rep. Jamie Pedersen, the marriage bill’s House sponsor, said, “Like all Washingtonians, legislators and other elected leaders have been working through deeply personal thoughts and feelings about what marriage means and the responsibility that our government has toward families in our state. It has been intensely gratifying to watch people who opposed even the first domestic partner law, meet our families, hear our stories, and come to the conclusion that justice and equality require allowing same-sex couples to marry. I feel hopeful that most Washington voters will come to the same conclusion and vote to approve Referendum 74.”

“This is not a Democratic or Republican issue. This is not about partisan politics, this is about loving families being able to be recognized by the state and their family as married,” said Derrick Skaug, Pullman City Council, At-Large Representative and the youngest elected official in Washington. “This is the generational issue of our time, whether we will embrace our neighbors or turn our back on them. As a representative of my generation, I am proud to say that we overwhelmingly support our gay friends and family members to live their lives free of limitations.”

“The freedom to marry transcends politics and party lines,” said Washington United for Marriage campaign chair Lacey All. “Beginning with the legislative process in Washington when Republicans crossed the aisle, and throughout this campaign, we’ve been inspired and supported by our broad and deep support at every government level.”

The full list of current and former elected officials who endorse approving Referendum 74 is located online here.



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