Australian PM Fumbles on Marriage, Women’s Rights

Australian PM Fumbles on Marriage, Women’s Rights

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140025323v2Australian high school students aren’t afraid to stand up for gay marriage, even to their Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott was questioned about the marriage equality ban from high school students at the Newton High School of the Performing Arts.

“Why are you so against legalizing gay marriage?” One student asked while others cheered.

“Well look, I’m not against people having a wonderful relationship, I’m all in favor of people having loving, permanent relationships, but I guess it’s a definitional thing,” he responded.

“There’s a lot of gay people in our school,” one student shouted, with lots of cheers from the students. “I have a lot of gay friends, and it’s sad to think that they can’t get married just because they’re attracted to the same sex!”

Abbott replied: “I’m getting a clear message, all right. Let’s have a bloke’s question, okay…”

Abbott further said he had no good answer because there is no good answer.

Finally, he was asked by a girl in the crowd: “Not saying that I don’t trust you or anything, but I was wondering, why is a man a minister for women? And why is a man in control of the rights for women?”

After giving an answer that only one gender can make decisions about that gender, he told the girl: “If you think that we need to have more women in decision making, you should join the liberal party and work your way up.”



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