Australian Same-Sex Parenting Documentary ‘Gayby Baby’ to Screen in U.S.

Australian Same-Sex Parenting Documentary ‘Gayby Baby’ to Screen in U.S.

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Gayby Baby, an Australian documentary following four children of gay parents, will screen in more than 50 U.S. cities starting April 1 and will be available digitally on International Family Equality Day, May 1.
The documentary follows four children as they grow up in Australia, where gay marriage is still up for debate, with same-sex parents.
Director Maya Newell is the daughter of two lesbian mothers.
“We made Gayby Baby because even though families like mine are not featured on billboards, gayby children have existed for generations and have a unique perspective on the world,” Newell said.
Supergravity Pictures earned rights to the award-winning film, which has partnered with YouTube Star Connor Franta’s music label, Heard Well.
“We have a truly special film here,” Supergravity Pictures founder Marc Hustvedt said. “Supergravity is honored to bring this groundbreaking documentary to audiences across the globe and help amplify the conversation around family equality. We are taking a very hands-on approach in building a groundswell of support around the film’s release in theaters and on screens of all sizes.
Franta, who helped curate music for the documentary and came out as gay on his channel in 2014, will help market the film with his 4 million Twitter followers and 5.2 million YouTube subscribers.
“This film is so powerful,” Franta said. “It sheds a new light on same-sex parenting through a unique perspective and unlikely voice, children. I am honored to be a part of this movement via Gayby Baby and help bring this important message to the masses through thoughtful soundtrack curation and marketing.”
Other organizations like the Family Equality Council and COLAGE are also helping promote the documentary through hosting viewing parties and theatrical screenings.
The film debuted at the Sydney Film Festival in June and won best documentary at the 2016 Australian Film Critics Association.



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