Australian Sri Lankan Radio Host Ginni Saraswati Launches ‘The Ginni Show’

Australian Sri Lankan Radio Host Ginni Saraswati Launches ‘The Ginni Show’

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The Ginny Show/Ginny Saraswati
The Ginny Show/Ginny Saraswati

Award-winning journalist Ginni Saraswati is launching her brand new show The Ginni Show – Curry, Comedy & Connectivity.

The Ginni Show invites listeners to follow the hilarious journey life of a young Sri Lankan gay immigrant woman growing up in Australia.

The new show will feature guest appearances from familiar faces – especially Saraswati’s aunties and 170 cousins. Oh and, yes, actual celebrities.

The Ginni Show is set to launch on September 28 at 9 a.m. with familiar voices scheduled to feature on the podcast. The show will be available weekly on Wednesdays via iTunes.

Saraswati is the media personality you’ve heard on the airwaves, seen on your TV screens, and at many festivals and events around the world.

From Melbourne, Australia, Saraswati  has been known to stun many a personality with her quick-witted introductions and on-air antiques which left Paula Abdul in a laughing fit and Havana Brown choking! Because indeed, she has already interviewed them all – almost! From KD Lang, Eric Bana, Jennifer Beals, Ruby Rose to Martina Navratilova, Marlee Matlin and Peter Paige, the list goes on.

The Ginni Show/Ginni Saraswati
The Ginni Show/Ginni Saraswati

It’s no wonder this perky and highly entertaining radio host has just been nominated in two categories for the Australian LGBTI Awards 2017: for Journalist of The Year and Broadcaster and Presenter of The Year.

As a former co-host of one of Melbourne’s most popular morning radio show, Rise Up, Saraswati has continuously brought sass to the airwaves with fellow co-host and Melbourne comedian Adam Samuel. The duo were broadcasters of the latest news and interviews with local and international celebrities.

In 2015, Ginni was awarded the International Edward R. Murrow Media Award (USA) for her achievements as an international radio and television journalist both within and beyond the LGBT Community.

Tune into The Ginni Show every



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