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U.S. Supreme Court Affirms ‘Obergefell’ Requires Placing Married Same-Sex Parents on Birth Certificates

Politics Editorial
Maintaining a tradition of issuing cases impacting the LGBTQ community on June 26, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in Pavan v. Smith, upholding the requirement outlined in Obergefell (the case that banned marriage discrimination based on sexual orientation/gender) that birth and death certificates reflect the same-sex spouse. ...
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Opinion: Disappointing Parentage Case Out of Idaho

Sadly, homophobia is alive and well and we know with the spate of laws passing trying to allow same-sex couples to be denied adoption and foster care placements that homophobia will defeat the best interest of the child for many people. ...
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Marriage Equality: Understanding What’s Happening

Top News Editorial
Most states followed the federal government's lead on marriage and passed “mini-DOMAs” either as state laws or amendments to their state constitution. ...
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Transition Period for State Domestic Partners Ends Soon

Top News Politics
Domestic Partners who have either already separated or who do not want to be married, must dissolve their SRDP (“dissolve” is the legal term for “divorce”). ...
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