Best Venues for Live Music in Seattle

Best Venues for Live Music in Seattle

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If you’re looking for a city rich in music, Seattle is it. Among the long list of musicians Seattle can lay claim to are such greats as Jimi Hendrix, Quincy Jones, Heart, and Nirvana. That tradition of great music is alive and well whether you want to sit and listen or dance until dawn.

There’s an enormous selection for people wanting to hear to live music, so this is just a sampling of what you can find.

Blue Moon

Located in Seattle’s University District, the tavern’s been around since 1934. You can find a wide variety of offerings including rock, blues, and even some stand-up comedians. Seating here is limited to 99, and you’ll compete for it with some regular customers.

Columbia City Theater

It’s played hosts to such greats as Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington. This vaudeville-style theater was built in 1917—the oldest in Washington State—and reopened in 2010. The focus now is on hip-hop, rock, jazz, and burlesque.


You can get your grunge on here, but it’s standing room only. The Crocodile lists on its resume such acts as Nirvana and Pearl Jam. It will hold about 550 people, has a raised stage, and concrete floors.

El Corazon and The Funhouse

This is a two for one deal. El Corazon’s space has been a live music venue, club, or bar since 1910. The Funhouse moved in under the same roof in 2012. The Funhouse is all punk, while El Corazon has hardcore rock, heavy metal, and punk.


It’s music indoors and outdoors here. There’s a mix of reggae, hip hop, bluegrass, and folk. Nectar includes multiple indoor levels as well as a patio area.


Touted as one of Seattle’s best clubs, Neumos features a mix of some of the area’s best talent. The liquor is reported to be top-notch. There’s also dancing and more music down in Barboza, Neumos’s basement bar.

The Royal Room

An old-school jazz club, the Royal Room hosts live music seven nights a week. In addition to jazz, you’ll find R&B, soul, folk, and world music. It features some table seating, food, and cocktails.


The Showbox offers rock and Indie alternative bands. You can take in established local groups as well as some national and international tours. It’s got two bars and a great line of sight to the stage.

Sunset Tavern

A former Chinese restaurant, it’s now a rock and roll bar with alt-country and other indie music. Best advice is to arrive early if you want to sit down.

Tractor Tavern

Just two blocks away from Sunset Tavern, the Tractor features folk, bluegrass, country, rock, pop, and blues. This one is mostly standing room with some padded stools at the bar.

There are a lot more options than these if you’re looking for live music. You can check out a live music app to help you find exactly what you want.  The bottom line is Seattle’s got something to appeal from bluegrass to heavy metal.



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