BLgTUSA Tour Adds Flavor to LBGT Rights Movement

BLgTUSA Tour Adds Flavor to LBGT Rights Movement

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Startup GET//OUT provides creative ways to activate LGBT supporters, kicks off 50 state campaign connecting classic BLT sandwich to LGBT equality this summer
Edie Windsor and BLgTUSA
Edie Windsor and BLgTUSA

GET//OUT, a new social enterprise creating fun ways to support LGBT equality, has announced BLgTUSA – a campaign across all 50 states connecting the BLT sandwich to LGBT rights. The organization aims to get One Million People Out for Equality this summer, online and in-person by traveling the U.S. via a branded food truck. They are currently running a Kickstarter Campaign to seed fund the tour, which has raised $51,898 from 311 people across the country as of February 10, 2015.

Co-founded by longtime friends Taryn Miller-Stevens and Peter Stolarski, BLgTUSA is partnering chefs and restaurants with local LGBT centers. The group is collaborating with CenterLink, the network of LGBT community centers across the country. CenterLink is connecting the campaign with centers across the country, which will receive proceeds from BLgTs sold in partner restaurants throughout the summer.

“Taking the conversation out on the road, engaging people where they live, and doing so through the universal language of food is something everyone can be involved with. CenterLink is honored to be partnering with GET//OUT for their BLgTUSA 50 State Summer Tour,” said Terry Stone, CEO of CenterLink.

The duo dubbed a new sandwich – the BLgT – as the first sandwich promoting equality. The “g” is chosen by partner chefs – gouda, guacamole, a side of gazpacho. Chefs are encouraged to be creative, and throughout the summer the tour will host “throw down” competitions for best BLgT in large cities along the tour. Vegetarian options will be available.

One of the tour’s earliest supporters is Ash Fulk, Top Chef Contestant and Culinary Director at Hill Country BBQ in New York City.

“The BLgTUSA campaign is the first major opportunity I’ve had to combine my dedication to LGBT equality with my passion for food,” says Chef Fulk. “I couldn’t be more pleased to be working alongside such a strong team for a cause that has never been more important.”

The Supreme Court’s recent announcement that it will review marriage discrimination laws in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee has sharpened attention to LGBT rights in the United States. With historic Supreme Court wins in 2013 with United States v. Windsor and Hollingsworth v Perry, national news has focused on marriage equality over the past few years.

“Edie Windsor, her late wife Thea Spyer, Kris Perry, Sandy Stier – these women and their legal teams did heroic work to make the world better for all of us,” said co-founder and CEO Taryn Miller-Stevens. “And now the world needs to hear about LGBT life beyond marriage. More real talk, with a comfortable approach. In 29 states you can still be fired for being LGBT and, while only 3.7 percent of the U.S. population identifies as LGBT, a full 40 percent of all homeless youth identify as LGBT. We’re better than this. BLgTUSA is about bringing together people who care about equality, and giving them something fun, local, and delicious to do about it.”

The campaign is finalizing corporate sponsors, and partner chefs and centers in all 50 states. More information about the BLgTUSA Tour can be found on their Kickstarter, running through February 16, 2015.



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