Brandi Carlile Breaks Free of the Symphony for Rock ‘n’ Roll in Seattle

Brandi Carlile Breaks Free of the Symphony for Rock ‘n’ Roll in Seattle

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Photo Credit: Stephanie Brusig

It was disguised as a “secret show” but fans of Brandi Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth were provided with a “buy tickets” link direct from the singer/songwriter’s website prior to the show. An open secret, perhaps? Maybe so. Either way, it was a sold out, heart-pounding rock show sandwiched between two extraordinary Seattle Symphony shows. A hometown bash in an intimate setting, if you will.

The Seattle Lesbian was provided with the secret show information before tickets were officially announced and “The Story” Guy and His Band were on the roster at Neumo’s on Capitol Hill. We were beyond-excited to cover the show that, at times, had Brandi’s sister and mother on the stage singing with their family rockstar and her band.

Rumors circulated throughout the crowd outside of Neumo’s that a certain audience member had thrown her bra onstage the previous night at the Seattle Symphone show. The bra was intended for the drummer of the band, New York artist Allison Miller, who is new to the Carlile team on this tour, but who is, apparently, extremely welcomed.

Brandi shared stories of the band’s early days with the standing-room only crowd and even lost her fingering on The Beatles’ classic Let It Be…which made everyone cheer and wallop with laughter as the dimpled-cheeked Carlile smiled and cracked up at herself.

Equally hilarious was what happened toward the end of the show when mother and daughter were onstage singing Stand By Your Man. The well-oiled pair sang with such gusto and enthusiasm that, for a moment, fans were wondering if Brandi had suddently ditched her lesbian fiance for the “joys” of old-fashioned country living with a man. MMM not so much.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Brusig

While many fans assumed she would end her home show with her favorite Johnny Cash standard Folsom Prison, she opted instead for the classic 80’s hit Forever Young. The song felt very fitting considering the fact that Brandi has been touring non-stop for years and is ready to settle down a little bit for the time being. Or, at least, through the holidays.  

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