Brandi Carlile Engaged to Girlfriend Catherine Shepherd

Brandi Carlile Engaged to Girlfriend Catherine Shepherd

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Brandi Carlike (L) and Catherine Shepherd (R)/ Photo: Getty Images

Northwest native Brandi Carlile is engaged to be married to Catherine Shepherd and the two ladies have Sir Paul McCartney’s blessing.

“And my biggest news ever is that I got engaged!!!!!! I realize the Seattle Times beat us to the punch but its cool that they care! In these times and on the eve of Referendum 74 it’s really important for me to help raise awareness around marriage equality so I’m stoked that they took an interest,” Carlile told fansite Again Today.

She continued, “Catherine (my fiancée) and I met through her previous job as Charity Coordinator for none other than Sir Paul McCartney! Cath worked for him for the last ten years and lucky for me, Sir Paul gave us his blessing, so she’s left her job and her Country to come to the ol’ USA to be with me!”

Shepherd will join Carlile on the road as well as play a critical role in her charity – The Looking Out Foundation.

The singer said, “Over the last couple years Catherine took interest in the Looking Out Foundation and advised us on and supported several of our campaigns. She has amazing ideas and tons of experience in music and philanthropy…she lives for charity and I couldn’t feel more blessed to have her in my life. The twins and I are all VERY pleased to have appointed her as the Executive Director of the Looking out foundation and we know everyone is going to love getting to know her!”

Carlile bit the bullet and made the first move in asking Shepherd the big question. She told fans in the letter, “I wanted to tell you sooner but I though I’d wait until I got the nerve to pop the question so I could give you all the news at once!”

The singer cited Washington State’s Referendum 74 as a reason to be “more on the scene,” saying: “…its pressing and urgent that referendum 74 is on the table in my home state and I want marriage equality for everyone NOT just me.”

Regarding marriage equality, she recenly told, “I wouldn’t call it a responsibility, it’s not nearly that ominous. It’s just kind of a privilege to be honest with you. I mean I was influenced by so many gay artists and celebrities and people in the public eye as a teenager living in a small town that I feel like it’s an honor to get to kind of be a role model in that way for other kids that might live in small towns, or that might need to know that when they grow up they’re allowed to get married.”

The Grey’s Anatomy staple (Carlile’s music has been picked up multiple times for the popular ABC series) is back on the road for a full tour scheduled to begin June 20 in Minnesota. “Ive been on the road for 8 years and I’ve decided touring is fucking exhausting!” she added in the letter.

The 30-year-old singer/songwriter’s music has also been featured on The Good Wife, American Idol, and Parenthood.



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  1. i just love your music but marriage is between a man and a woman i believe strongly in the bible i understand being in love with someone but i also follow jesus pleae don,t send me hatemail i,m not bashing anyone i understand everyone has the right to do as they may i think shes a wonderful singer and wish her as the best and i’ll keep her along her family in my prayers thank u


    1. Oppression is a learned behavior Jennifer……you need to open your eyes, look around and see the prejudice you apparently feel the need to deal out. Just because you say something isn’t bashing doesn’t mean it isn’t….. That is like saying “with all due respect” before you insult someone….. Marriage is between two loving adults (Y’s optional)

    2. I completely agree. Marriage and Family is between a man and a woman. Lesbians can have their relationships, but these will NEVER be the same as a couple procreating naturally and with the ONLY blessing that matters: from God.

  2. Richard Totoian

    What a heartwarming story. Best to both of you. Cool that Sir Paul say's Brilliant…I shall See Brandi tomorrow night sunday at the beacon Theater NYC. That's unless the concert is cancelled because of SANDY.

  3. stephen shepherd

    Love your voice Brandy. Happy about your enagment. If she has relatives from Kentucky we are most likely related. If that’s the case welcome to the family. !!!!

  4. She was suppose to marry me…Jk
    I’m happy she is married.

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