Brandi Carlile to Wed Partner in Boston

Brandi Carlile to Wed Partner in Boston

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20120915-075304.jpgSaturday will be a special day for Seattle’s favorite wonder-kid Brandi Carlile. The Bear Creek singer/songwriter will say “I Do” to her partner, Catherine Shepherd, in Boston where they are expected to be surrounded by family and friends.

“It was a crazy feeling while I was filling out the paperwork because I felt like I was breaking the law, like somebody was going to come in and say, ‘You know you can’t have this,’” Carlile told the Associated Press (AP). “It was so exciting. And her [Shepherd’s] mom and dad were there and it was just really special. So we have a marriage license in Massachusetts.”

Carlile’s excitement was unmistakable but also unexpected, according to the singer.

“I wouldn’t have been able to picture myself married or successful or pursuing my dreams if there hadn’t been other people that had done it before me, like role models, and that’s why talking about it is so important,” she said. “If a 14- or 15-year-old girl reads this in a small town who’s gay, then she knows that someday she might get to go get a marriage license and get married, and there’s no reason she should stop dreaming about a white wedding because I didn’t.”

The Daily Mail reports that the pair also plan to hold a large reception Sept. 28 outside Seattle where Carlile grew up and will have a third ceremony in London, where Shepherd was raised, early next year.

In a video released by Music for Marriage Equality (MME) Brandi shared her personal experience about growing up in Washington and her desire to be married legally in her home state.

Watch the video here.

MME is a project of Washington United for Marriage (WUM), the campaign working to approve Referendum 74 this fall, thereby allowing same-sex couples to marry.



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