Britain: Women Having Lesbian Sex Jumps by 400%

Britain: Women Having Lesbian Sex Jumps by 400%

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Photo: Micke Bear
Photo: Micke Bear

According to a new British survey saying that women are far more adventurous, better informed about sex and less afraid to experiment than men, the number of women having lesbian sex has jumped by 400 percent since 1990.

The National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles said that in 1990, four percent of women admitted to same-sex experimentation and just two percent said the experience involved genital contact. Now, 16 percent of British women said they have lesbian sex, and eight percent involved intimate contact.

For men, more said they had a gay sex experience in 1990 (about six percent) but that number has only risen by one percent today.

“Almost all of the ‘straight’ women I know have had lesbian snogs, furtive feels, one-nighters or full-on flings at some point in their lives,” British sexpert Dr. Tracey Cox told the Daily Mail. “It’s becoming so commonplace, it’s got a lot of people horribly confused. Most of the women I know thoroughly (some really thoroughly) enjoyed the experience but have remained straight.”

Though society seems to be accepting of women having sexual relationships with other women, the same doesn’t tend to hold true with men, she said.

“’If a woman dabbles, she’s just dabbling. If a man does it, it means he’s secretly gay,’ is a comment I’ve been hearing for as long as I’ve been writing about sex (25 years),” she said.



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