British Columbia is Brewing Some Seriously Crafty Beer

British Columbia is Brewing Some Seriously Crafty Beer

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B.C. is brewing up the beer for Cornucopia 2015.
B.C. is brewing up the beer for Cornucopia 2015.

Craft beer in British Columbia has experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity with a plethora of micro-breweries, brew pubs, artisan brewers and craft breweries popping up across the province. This is not surprising when considering B.C. is the birthplace of craft beer in Canada. Entrepreneur John Mitchell kick-started the industry at Horseshoe Bay Brewing in 1982, where the province’s first craft beer was produced – an English Bitter called Bay Ale. Since then, B.C. has continued to frontier the craft beer movement, nurturing locally produced and small-batch brew.

“In B.C. we’ve seen over 40 breweries open in the last three years, and we will see our 100th craft brewery open before the end of the year.” says Ken Beattie, executive director of the BC Craft Brewers Guild. “With the vast majority of these locally owned and operated.”

As such, Cornucopia, presented by BlueShore Financial, is celebrating the unique and defined flavors flowing from B.C. Craft Breweries into local bars and retailers.

Attendees are invited to enjoy a surplus of beer-infused events such as, Poured: The Full Spectrum of Taste, where you can experience expertly crafted B.C. beer, alongside 50-year-old whisky and some of the world’s finest wines.

The hugely popular Craft Beer for Wine Lovers seminar returns again with a line-up of compatible wine and beer duos that embrace the craft beer explosion, but are specially selected for wine lovers. Led by Ken Beattie and DJ Kearney, the seminar showcases much-loved grape varieties, poured side by side with like-minded vinous beers.

The newest addition to the festivals extensive line-up of gala tastings is BREWED: The BC Craft Brewers Guild Winter Beer Market. Beattie leads this grand tasting event, featuring over 25 of the province’s best craft brewers, with a special sneak-peak of the up-coming seasonal flavors you can expect this winter.

Beattie kindly took the time to offer some insight into the flavors that you can expect this fall.

“Fall is harvest time and the brewing business is no different,” says Beattie. “Pumpkin beers are always popular, as are late harvest fruit beers and with the resurgence of locally grown hops we will see a huge selection of locally produced fresh hopped beers.”

Whistler is fast becoming a familiar face at beer festivals across B.C. thanks to the esteemed Brew-master’s at Whistler Brewing Company who are continually churning out spectacular beers. From Bear Paw Honey Lager to Paradise Valley Grapefruit Ale, from Powder Mountain Lager to Pineapple Express Wheat Ale; Whistler is producing unique, quality brews that are placing the resort on the B.C. craft beer map.

No matter what you choose to sip on this fall, “craft beer master” Beattie leaves you with one last statement, “Keep it local…and move out of your comfort zone.” With a booming industry and a number of festivals and events paying tribute to the craft beer movement, there really is no reason to be sipping on the same old thing; change it up and keep it local.

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The B.C craft cele-BEER-ations will take place during Cornucopia, November 5-15.



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