British Writer Julie Bindel: Being Gay is a Choice

British Writer Julie Bindel: Being Gay is a Choice

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Julie Bindel/Twitter
Julie Bindel/Twitter

British writer Julie Bindel has spoken out against the gay community again, this time saying being gay is a choice.

When asked by The Independent when she chose to be gay, Bindel gave a confusing answer.

“I didn’t,” Bindel said. “Because I needed to leave home – there was nothing there for me in Darlington – and pursue my feminist possibilities, that meant starting a new life and all that was open to me. I fell in with a crowd [in Leeds] who spoke about lesbianism as part of women’s liberation. I never chose to be attracted to women.”

However, that being said, she still believes being gay is a choice.

“Because I think the opposite of having an innate, biological explanation [for homosexuality] – there’s no evidence for that – has to be some kind of choice, as well as some deep-rooted, embedded responses that developed through different experiences in our childhood,” Bindel said.

Bindel said she believes if it was a difference in our brains, it would have been discovered by scientists who have been obsessed with homosexuality in the brain for a long time.

“Choice is the opposite of innateness,” she said.

When The Independent interviewer started to get irritated at Bindel, the atmosphere got awkward.

“I’m not the only person saying this,” she pointed out. “I’ve met a huge number of lesbians who say, ‘I don’t believe I was born that way, and I believe any woman can be a lesbian and believe we’re stopped from feeling sexual attraction to the same sex because of external pressure’. For women who live under a compulsory heterosexual model, it can be liberating.”

Bindel is asked: “If being gay is a choice, then why are there still gay people in anti-gay areas like Uganda?”

“I don’t know,” she replied. “All I know is I’ve never been convinced by a scientific argument, or seen any evidence that is compelling that there is something innate about our sexuality. What I’m suggesting is, there are people who could go one way or the other and happily choose to be lesbian or gay.”

This isn’t the first time Bindel has gone against the grain. In 2004, she wrote a rant about transgender people saying, “men disposing of their genitals…does not make them women.”

She also mocked trans women for “f—k-me shoes and birds nest hair.”

Bindel called the tone of her rant as “plain wrong” after receiving a huge amount of backlash.



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  1. You can get reviled for saying that your sexuality is something other than an absolute, but for so many people it’s true and resistance to the ideology of “born this way” is part of being true to yourself. This article offers a funny and touching insight on this:

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