Burlesque Broadway Comes to Seattle in ‘Broadway Babes’

Burlesque Broadway Comes to Seattle in ‘Broadway Babes’

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Burlesque Broadway Comes to Seattle in 'Broadway Babes'
Burlesque is back in Seattle with Broadway Babes.

Broadway Babes: A Burlesque Tribute to the Great White Way is a hysterical parade of thespian burlesque that traces the history of Broadway musicals. At times problematic, but always over the top, burlesque has defined America’s theater, culture and sense of humor for over a century. Broadway Babes is produced by neo-vaudevillians Songbird & Raven and takes place at 8:00 p.m. March 20 and 21 at Seattle’s Annex Theater (1122 East Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98122).

With equal parts education, glamour, and hilarity, Broadway Babes features quadruple threat performers (adept at singing, acting, dancing, and stripping) who present everything from Gilbert and Sullivan, to Gypsy Rose Lee and Andrew Lloyd Webber. For anyone who’s ever felt that modern America is lacking in cultural heritage, Broadway Babes will lay it bare (literally!) in living color.

A product of the American melting pot, the art of musicals combined French ballet and Italian opera with slapstick, hambone, tap dance, circus, and a host of other influences. The artistic gumbo that thrived in New York’s Tin Pan Alley brought us not only musicals, but also vaudeville, ragtime, pop music, burlesque, jazz, stand-up comedy, and improve. In short, the history of American theater is the history of American culture itself.

Broadway Babes is hosted by Sailor St. Claire and features the talents of Al Lykya, Amara Strutt, Bunny Von Bunsmore, Crystal Tassels, Eva Fairwood, Jacob Farley, Maggie McMuffin, Maxie Milieu, Miss Elaine Yes, Octavia Sexton, Razzberry Rocket, Sara Dipity, Tootsie Spangles, Verity Germaine, and Will Lykya.



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