Cameras Spotted at Duggar Household, ’19 Kids and Counting’ Renewed?

Cameras Spotted at Duggar Household, ’19 Kids and Counting’ Renewed?

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Photo: Simon and Schuster
Photo: Simon and Schuster

Though TLC pulled their show 19 Kids and Counting after reports surfaced of Josh Duggar, 27, molesting five girls, including two of his sisters, rumors that the show will be returning have been circling the internet.

According to Christian Post, several sources have reported seeing the Duggar family with camera crews around their Arkansas home. TLC has yet to confirm or deny the posts.
In May, a police report came out claiming that the eldest of the 19 Duggar kids touched the breasts and genitals of a 13-year-old while she slept in 2002. A year later, he was accused again of touching more minors both while awake and asleep, including two of his sisters.
In 2006, Josh’s father, Jim Bob, said his son told him of his acts, but he didn’t alert police. He also knew his son admitted to fondling another teen in 2003. Josh met with church elders, but instead of going to police, they sent him to a program that “consisted of hard physical work and counseling.”
Later, his mother Michelle admitted that Josh never received the counseling. She also said Josh apologized to the minors and they had forgiven him.
In 2006, the family was to appear on an Oprah Winfrey talk show when a woman emailed the show telling them of Josh’s past and the case was looked into. The official police report surfaced in 2015 and Josh released a statement admitting his wrongdoing. His wife, with whom he has two children, released a statement of support.
Just weeks after his statement was released admitting his guilt, Josh was found guilty of paying for a website Ashley Madison that offers services like “conventional sex,” and “experimenting with sex toys.” He paid an initial fee of $250, which goes towards the sites “affair guarantee.” A porn star also said that Josh caused her both physical and emotional harm during their paid sexual encounter and is suing him for $500,000.
Josh then admitted to infidelity and pornography addictions. He then checked himself into Reformer Unanimous, a faith-based rehab center, for six months. He will be out at the end of this month.
The show was pulled in May 2015 and TLC followed up with a documentary about child abuse within households and featured the two sisters that were molested by Josh and their mother.
Even before the abuse, the Duggar family was under the radar by many LGBT activists because Michelle lent her voice to a robocall that spoke out against a new nondiscrimination ordinance in Arkansas, saying if transgender people start using bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity then women and girls would be endangered.
The family also deleted same-sex photos off their Facebook page and saying “God designed marriage to be a loving dynamic relationship between a husband and a wife for a lifetime.”



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