Canada’s Newest Coins Could Feature Gay Families

Canada’s Newest Coins Could Feature Gay Families

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By Alex Temblador, The Next Family

Right now, Canada is holding a contest to pick a new design for coins in honor of the country’s 150th birthday. The coins would be issued in 2017. What makes this contest so interesting is that it is open to the public and one such individual has submitted a coin design that would effectively represent the diversity of families, straight and gay families.

Canada has chosen a shortlist of designs from five categories and in the category of “Character,” one coin shows LGBT families. At first look the coin is nothing but squiggles and lines. However, at a closer look one will notice that it features a circle of families with hands interlocked. One of the families is a two-mom family, and the other, a two-dad family.

Robert Beaupré submitted the design and wrote: “With this design, I want to represent Canadian values: a mother, a father, and their child; two mothers and their child; two fathers and their child, the acceptance and equality with respect to Canadian laws and values for the whole world.”

The Canadian public is able to vote for their favorite designs in each category until October 9 and we know which coin we’d love to see chosen from the Character section!

“Our shared values and diversity are what define us as a nation” is the descriptor for the “Character” category of coins, however, we would go one step further and say that if chosen, this coin would represent the shared values and diversity of humanity across the world – family in all its diverse beauty.



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