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Lesbian Circle. Photo: Myriam Fougere “Lesbiana: A Parallel Revolution”

A Quest for Love During the Heady Lesbian Feminist Movement

The truth is, lesbians embarrassed me. Like a baboon’s behind, they exposed what should stay hidden. ...
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Carmen Best Nominated As Next Chief of the Seattle Police Department

Mayor Jenny A. Durkan selected Interim Chief Carmen Best as the next Chief of the Seattle Police Department. Best is a widely-respected law enforcement leader who has been an instrumental part of implementing the historic reforms undertaken by the SPD. The Mayor’s nomination is subject to City Council confirmation. ...
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A woman reunited with her seven-year-old daughter after they had been separated for four months in immigration detention. Credit: Hope Hall/ACLU.

Opinion: Let’s Do Our Best for All Children

Children being separated from their parents by ICE are experiencing intense trauma - identified as life-altering “toxic stress” by the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics - at the hands of our government. ...
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Stephanie Sandberg/LPAC

Stephanie Sandberg Shares Vision for Lesbian Super PAC in the Trump Era

Trump has erased references to LBTQ people from federal web sites; reversed protections for trans prisoners, setting them up to be victims of increased brutality – and tried to ban trans soldiers from the military. ...
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Author Christie Hardwick Connects with Readers on Cuba and Reconstructing ‘Otherness’

Author Christie Hardwick writes: Cuba is just an example of how we construct "otherness." We buy into a narrative without checking any facts in the story. We perpetrate the treatment of the “other” through our ignorance and lack of curiosity about what is the truth and what is the full story. ...
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Stephanie Burt

Harvard Professor Introduces Classic Trans Young Adult Novel

This spring’s anniversary edition of the transgender young adult classic Being Emily features an all-new introduction by Harvard professor Stephanie Burt. In addition to being an internationally-recognized poet and one of the most influential poetry critics of her generation, Stephanie publicly came out and transitioned at Harvard in 2017. ...
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An Excerpt from ‘Sodom Road Exit’ by Amber Dawn

The anonymous woman in bed beside me adamantly shakes my shoulder. She had a name last night. She must have; as part of my hook-and-line, I complimented her “pretty name” and said, “It suits you.” Unless a woman’s name is Mavis, I normally compliment her pretty name. ...
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Ji Chamosile

Florida’s Columbine: Youth Spirit More Powerful Than Guns

After the Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) high school shooting in Florida on February 14, the voice of youth is finally being heard. They want to put an end to violence. Students are standing up to adults, pushing for change, not just prayers. ...
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Been There, Done That: Surviving That Dreaded Lesbian Breakup

When my relationship with my long-term girlfriend came to an end, so did a part of me that existed when we were together. She was my first real girlfriend. ...
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Gertrude Stein

‘The Refused Exam’ and The Education of Gertrude Stein

Gertrude Stein’s work heavily features homosexual content and a queer aesthetic, but she nonetheless became both a mass-market celebrity and, eventually, a respected and canonical writer. Somehow, she publicly profited from her homosexuality during homophobic times. ...
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