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LGBTQ Couples Face Financial Uncertainty – Even One Year Post Obergefell

For those planning to wed in the near future, LGBTQ couples should begin to understand how marriage affects their pocket books. ...
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Krystal Marx

Bigger Expectations: How a Chin Hair Made Me Cry

Funny enough, it was finding a chin hair in the mirror the other morning that finally had me in tears. You know how, sometimes, you find yourself overwhelmed ...
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One Woman Tells You How to Sext Like an Absolute Pro

Whether you’ve done some sexting before or want to try it for the first time, here are some top tips to help you sext like an absolute pro. ...
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What North Carolina’s HB 2 Means for Lesbian America, One Woman’s Story

I identity solely as a lesbian, so I can only imagine what this bill means for transgender people. My heart hurts for every single one of them. ...
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PayPal Withdraws Plan for Charlotte Expansion, 400 Jobs to Move Elsewhere

Two weeks ago, PayPal announced plans to open a new global operations center in Charlotte and employ over 400 people in skilled jobs. ...
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How Cancer Unleashed a Dog Book for Children

Lesbians have an overwhelming love for their dogs. While there are themes of love, hope and overcoming obstacles, it also comes from a place of humor. ...
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President Barack Obama greets Supreme Court Justices (L-R) Clarence Thomas; Antonin Scalia; Sonia Sotomayor; Anthony Kennedy; and John Roberts at the inauguration for U.S. President Barack Obama's second term of office. More than 600,000 people attended the event. (Photo: Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call)

A Closer Look: The Supreme Court After Justice Scalia

Seventeen Supreme Court justices were appointed during the last year of a president's term – including six since 1900. ...
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Attacks on LGBT, Reproductive Rights Cannot Be Separated

Many of the same politicians seeking to control women’s bodies are also the ones trying to turn back the clock on LGBT equality. ...
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Role Models and Manly Things

It does take the proverbial village to raise a child, and in this, LGBT and non-LGBT parents are very much alike. ...
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Parenting Beyond Our Genders

Some LGBT parents are making the argument that being a mother or a father is not necessarily correlated to being female or male, regardless of one’s gender. ...
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