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Faith and Religion

Faith and Religion

Survey: Faith Groups Maintain Widespread Support for LGBT Protection Laws

A new report from the Public Religion Research Institute finds that strong majorities within all religious groups, including white evangelicals and Jehovah’s Witnesses, show sustained support for LGBT nondiscrimination policies. ...
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UMC Votes to Further Reject LGBTQ Members and Clergy at Critical Meeting

Supporters cried while others vented their anger after delegates, on a 449-374 vote, defeated a proposal that would have let regional and local church bodies decide for themselves on gay-friendly policies. ...
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Phoenix Gay Pride/Creative Commons

Arizona Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument in LGBTQ Religious Exemptions Case

Earlier this year, over 250 businesses filed an amicus curiae brief in support of the City of Phoenix stating that treating lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people fairly and serving them equally is important for maximizing productivity and ensuring a thriving economy. ...
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Tyler Clementi

Tyler Clementi Foundation Launches Anti-Bullying Toolkit for Christian Communities

The toolkit creates a simple, effective and empowering framework for stopping, and ultimately ending, bullying, beginning on the first day of any Sunday school or youth group. ...
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Conversion therapy

It Starts at Home: First Conversion Therapy Study Shows Pivotal Role of Parents

A new study has found that damage of conversion therapy for LGBT young people begins at home. ...
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Lambda Legal and 75 Orgs Urge HHS Not to Grant SC License to Discriminate

South Carolina had requested the waiver on behalf of Miracle Hill Ministries, one of the state’s largest foster agencies that explicitly rejects non-Protestant and LGBT potential foster and adoptive families and people seeking to mentor children in its care. ...
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Amber Cantrorna

Ex-Focus on the Family Daughter Amber Cantorna ‘Refocuses’ Her Life Mission

Amber Cantorna is openly gay and married to a woman named Clara. The decision to embrace her own truth almost cost her everything. ...
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Amber Cantorna/Facebook

Gay Daughter of Focus on the Family Executive Unmasks Her Coming Out Story with New Memoir

The new memoir "Refocusing My Family" unmasks Amber Cantorna's true story of being raised in the epicenter of Christian family values and how coming out as gay tore that paradigm apart, shunned her from her family, and burdened her with a degree of devastation that nearly took her life. ...
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Ryan Mould

United Methodist Church Children’s Choir Director Fired for His Sexual Orientation

For over 45 years, The United Methodist Church has been actively discriminating against LGBTQ persons, often by way of workplace discrimination. ...
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Queer and Trans Ministers Launch New Nonprofit to Meet Needs Neglected by Church

Along with weekly liturgy for progressive clergy that encourages queer, anti-racist, and feminist lenses on worship preparation, enfleshed intends to meet pastoral needs that are lacking in the church due to decades of discrimination. ...
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