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Faith and Religion

Faith and Religion

New Report Details the Health Care Rights Attack on LGBT People, Women, Parents, Children

Tipping the Scales: The Coordinated Attack on LGBT People, Women, Parents, Children, and Health Care details the widespread push to pass a variety of religious exemptions laws that would give businesses, government agencies, and individuals a right to discriminate on religious or moral grounds. ...
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Love for All in Utah

Stephenie Larsen forged past fear and skepticism to create the first LGBT community center in Provo, Utah, in an attempt to reduce suicides among gay teens and build bridges with the Mormon Church.  ...
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A Wider Bridge

LGBT Jewish Org A Wider Bridge Announces Leadership Change

A Wider Bridge announced its founder and leader will step down next year. Arthur Slepian conceived the LGBT Jewish organization in 2010 following the tragic shooting at the LGBT community center in Tel Aviv in 2009. ...
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One Organization Wants Churchgoers to Throw Glitter on Pentecost Sunday – What You Should Know

Participants in Glitter+Fire will use glitter in the colors of fire – red, gold, and orange – to re-enact the tongues of fire landing on the disciples, drawing participants together in a community of joy, energy and common purpose. ...
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Texas House Passes Damaging Child Welfare Bill, Senate Urged to Intervene

The Texas House of Representatives Wednesday passed HB 3859, a discriminatory bill that would allow child placement agencies in the state foster care system to prioritize their religious beliefs above the needs of children in its care. ...
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Glitter Ash Wednesday

Pro-LGBTQ Christians to Celebrate Glitter Ash Wednesday

Participants in #GlitterAshWednesday will receive ashes mixed with purple glitter, combining a traditional symbol of repentance with a message of solidarity. ...
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Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT Religious Freedom Bill Reaches Fifth Circuit

Mississippi’s discriminatory anti-LGBT legislation was enacted in defiance of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision granting marriage for same-sex couples nationwide. ...
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My Sunday School Guide to Gay

When I was a kid, my church boycotted Disney…because they offered health-care benefits to their employees’ same-sex partners. ...
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One Million Moms Attacks Zales for Same-Sex Love and Pride Collection

In a post titled, "Zales Attempts to Normalize Sin," the anti-gay group One Million Moms have found a new target. ...
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DelBene Introduces Bill to Prohibit Religious Registry Under Trump Presidency

Congresswoman Suzan DelBene introduced the No Religious Registry Act to ensure individuals of all faiths are protected from the establishment of a national religious registry. ...
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