Catholics for Marriage Equality Washington Come Together in Prayer

Catholics for Marriage Equality Washington Come Together in Prayer

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Catholics throughout the Seattle Archdiocese and Catholics in the Yakima Diocese who support Referendum 74 will come together in prayer and solidarity on Sunday, October 28.

Organized by a group of young Catholic leaders partnered with Catholics for Marriage Equality Washington (CFMEWA), this event offers an opportunity for people to gather in community bound by the tenets of Catholic Social Teaching – which celebrate the principles of love, inclusiveness, and equal treatment for all.

The Seattle event will be held on the public sidewalk on Marion Street on the North side of St. James Cathedral.  Activities will include reflection, prayer, and song that express the collective support for gay and lesbian couples and their right to marriage under civil law. This event is open to people of other faiths who support marriage equality and begins at 10am.

The Yakima Valley event will be a candlelight vigil at 6:00pm outside St. Paul’s Cathedral in Yakima. The Bishop of the Yakima Diocese request for fundraising during Masses to support Preserve Marriage Washington, the Anti-Ref. 74 campaign, upsets many Yakima Valley Catholics. They believe that this is wrong, violates state law and degrades their communities’ sacred time and space.

More information about this event and the broader movement to support Marriage Equality within the Catholic community can be found here.

Source: Catholics for Marriage Equality Washington



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  1. Jen Tilghman-Havens

    The prayer begins at 4pm on Sunday (as the flyer above notes).

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