Celebrity Bodies Through Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Bodies Through Plastic Surgery

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Cosmetic Surgery to Look Like Celebrities          

Katie PriceIs the obsession with celebrities reaching a new level of intensity in the UK?

Recently Nathan Thursfield appeared on UK TV show This Morning where he confirmed that he had now a £20,000 debt after undergoing two nose jobs and a number of other cosmetic treatments including Botox, dermal fillers and chemical peels to achieve his desired look.

His desired look?

To resemble his celebrity idol, Katie Price. The 20-year-old, who obviously has a deep fascination with the reality TV star, wanted to emulate Price’s looks and chose the path of cosmetic surgical enhancement. After seeing some of the cases of plastic surgery gone wrong on the site of CosmeticSurgerySolicitors.co.uk, we wondered why people put themselves through the cost and potential pain if the surgery doesn’t turn out the way the patient wants.

Celebrity Bodies Driving Cosmetic Surgery Increases

Sociologists all over the world have pondered the attraction of celebrity culture in the 21st century in relation to the rise and rise of cosmetic surgery. Why do fans identify so much with how celebrities look that they desire to imitate their appearance? Why do they alter their looks so radically by choosing cosmetic surgery?

Having learned from our visit to Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors what plastic surgery negligence looks like, we think there is a shift away from what celebrities talk about and what they stand for to a clearer focus on celebrity body-parts and how far cosmetic enhancement can take a person. Fans now see themselves increasingly in terms of how they can improve through cosmetic surgery and are a key part of the explosive growth of cosmetic surgery over the last two decades.

The Cosmetic Impact of Celebrity Culture

The impact of celebrity culture is clear: fans are literally following celebrities to the cosmetic surgery clinic. Celebrities are walking billboards for the perceived advantages plastic surgery can bring. Celebrities are idolized and fans want to look like them.

Celebrities are also increasingly seen as gurus on how to live life. If they’re having cosmetic surgery to enhance themselves then fans see that as a reasonable objective for themselves.

While the standard of beauty may vary from culture to culture, whatever the ideal of beauty is that country, their celebrities are seen to personify beauty and fans want to emulate their favorites.

Selling the Idea of Perfect Cosmetic Enhancement

A second reason for the cosmetic surgery culture in the UK is consumerism. The consumer industry takes the lead in shaping our view of who we are, how we should look and now more than ever, what celebrity we should emulate.

Beauty products drape glossy ads to sell idealized style ideas while cosmetic surgery clinics promise drastic improvements to how we can look. They promise improvements that are virtually impossible for people to attain through non-surgical means.

If the body image to emulate today is tied to celebrity, the image of a successful woman or man is definitely youthful-looking and trim.

What Your Body Says to Others

This change in emphasis in modern society, back 50 years and still in some cultures, for example, a portly man symbolized prosperity, reflects attempts to evaluate a person’s character by judging his or her body shape.

For example, a job interviewer cannot ask questions of a candidate about their background, religious sympathies or sexual orientation. Job references are also open to abuse, but an interviewer can judge a person by their appearance as well as the qualities promised on their CV. A healthy and youthful-looking figure can be interpreted as an energetic, self-disciplined and well-organised candidate. Increasingly we make judgments about other people’s characters visually.

If you’re interested in finding out more about cosmetic surgery and what can go wrong when people use plastic surgery to imitate celebrities, check out Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors at cosmeticsurgerysolicitors.co.uk.



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