Celebrity Zodiac: Which Movie Actresses Share Your Sign?

Celebrity Zodiac: Which Movie Actresses Share Your Sign?

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Ever felt like you should be up there on the silver screen? Learn who your celebrity zodiac matches are as we take a look with stars share your sign.

“What’s your sign?”

It’s an innocent question, but behind it is the belief that your zodiac sign reveals all. Whether you’re into it or not, you likely know all about it. Chances are, you already know your sun sign, as 91 percent of people do.

The signs are as diverse and interesting as anyone you pass on the street. And if you pay attention, you’ll find some useful info about the heavens and yearly patterns. It’s serious business, but who says astrology can’t also be fun?

Stick around to find out celebrity zodiac signs that match yours.

The Zodiac Signs and Their Correspondence

Astrology isn’t something you can learn about overnight. But the basics are what most people want, anyway. Before you can learn celebrity signs, learn a little about the dates associated with each one.

1. Aquarius

If you’re born anytime between January 20th and February 18th, your sign is Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign, meaning you’re likely more level-headed and intellectual.

2. Pisces

Anyone born between the dates February 19th and March 20th has the sun sign Pisces. Water signs are emotional creatures. And if you’re Pisces, you might even be an introvert.

3. Aries

March 21st through April 19th: if this is you, you’re an Aries. Fire signs are full of passion. You’re a little combative, and your temper is hard to keep in check.

4. Taurus

When you think of Earth, you think stable and grounded. And that’s exactly what those born April 20th to May 20th are. Fierce and devoted, Taurus is the person you always want on your side.

5. Gemini

May 21st to June 20th is Gemini’s time. Gemini is quick to learn something new and always reading to gain more knowledge.

6. Cancer

Cancer’s birthday is June 21st to July 22nd. You can expect to find a great friend in Cancer. These signs are quite compassionate, but you’ll never have a dull moment.

7. Leo

If your birthday is July 23rd to August 22nd, you’re a Leo. Leo’s pride themselves on being the life of the party.

8. Virgo

Hardworking and loyal Virgo: born between 23rd and September 22nd. Virgo is an earth sign with lots of heart to match their brains.

9. Libra

Another air sign, Libra’s are between September 23rd and October 22nd. You’re likely the peacekeeper in the family.

10. Scorpio

Born between October 23rd and November 21st. You’re a fall baby, which means you’re likely mysterious in the right ways.

11. Sagittarius

November 22nd to December 21st makes you a Sag. Everyone likes you for your jokes and disposition.

12. Capricorn

Last but not least: Capricorn. You were born between December 22nd and January 13th. For you, a Capricorn horoscope is full of advice for the most controlled and organized sign.

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Celebrity Zodiac Signs

Here are some celebrities that might have the same sign as you. See how you match up with these famous zodiac signs.

1. Celebrities Who Share Aquarius

Aquarius energy runs deep for celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Levar Burton. Both celebs are full of level-headed, air-sign qualities that make everyone like them.

Another famous person with this sign is the great Oprah Winfrey.

2. Pisces Sharing Celebs

Pisces signs are full of emotion and expression. Which is why it’s no surprise that actresses Drew Barrymore and Dakota Fanning are both Pisces. Both celebs are often devoted to their craft, unafraid to take it to the next emotional level.

3. Aries Actresses

When you think of passion and spunk, the first person to come to mind is Reese Witherspoon.

This actress might look small, but behind her sign is the fire of Aries that keeps her going.

4. Famous Tauruses

Adele, one of the most iconic of all Taurus celebs. Her ambition makes her rock-solid, and her fierce loyalty is commendable.

Let’s not forget the talented Penelope Cruz. Her performances give off the perfect Taurus air.

5. Gemini Faces to Know

First, there’s Gennifer Goodwin. Goodwin’s characters embody the gentle person she is in real life. And don’t forget about Amy Schumer who loves to make people laugh.

6. Cancer Signs as Celebrities

Selena Gomez is perhaps everyone’s favorite cancer. This former Disney star has never been anything but a sweet soul. But one of the most famous actresses with a Cancer sign is Liv Tyler.

7. Leo’s Outgoing Celebs

Jennifer Lopez, the actress and singer, is a great face for the Leo sign. She’s a great performer who loves attention.

Likewise, Sandra Bullock has never been afraid to let loose for other’s entertainment.

8. Actresses Who Share Virgo

One actress with lots of talent, but often doesn’t push boundaries, is Alexis Bledel. Alexis got her start on Gilmore Girls. Her character was also quite the Virgo: brainy and kind.

Cameron Diaz also shares this sign. Virgo speaks to her reserved personality.

9. Famous Libras

Libra’s love justice as much as they love the hottest fashions. And that’s likely why you’ll find Kim Kardashian West on this list. She’s always on top of the latest looks, but she also has a heart for social justice.

Who else belongs on this list? Hilary Duff also happens to be a famous Libra.

Cast of The Normal Heart/Dave Allocca/Startraks Photo/Variety
Cast of The Normal Heart/Dave Allocca/Startraks Photo/Variety

10. Scorpio Celebrities

Ever wondered why Katy Perry has a knack for theatrics? She’s a Scorpio, of course.

Julia Roberts is a Scorpio, as well. Have you ever noticed that she has a tendency to be a little mysterious? We know little about her and that’s why.

11. Sagittarius Celebs

Christina Applegate, who stars in some sitcoms and rom-coms, is a Sagittarius. Her movies and shows often showcase her sense of humor.

And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that actress Anna Faris is also a Sag.

12. Capricorn’s Who are Famous

If you’re looking for a Capricorn role model, look no more. Michelle Obama is the best example of a famous Capricorn celebrity. She’s put together, ambitious, but also down to earth.

And don’t forget actress Diana Keaton. This serious, ambitious actress is a movie favorite.

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Celebrity zodiac signs give us a peek into an actresses personality. You may only know what they put forth in their movies. But now, you can imagine what they’re like based on their astrological signs.

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