Center Against Religious Extremism Aims to Hold America’s Religious Right Accountable

Center Against Religious Extremism Aims to Hold America’s Religious Right Accountable

5299278003_37fce4116fTruth Wins Out announced Thursday the launch of its new Center Against Religious Extremism (, which aims to hold America’s Religious Right accountable for promoting theocracy at home and shipping its dangerous brand of hate abroad. TWOCARE commenced Thursday with a $100,000 matching grant from philanthropist Henry van Ameringen.

“If you’re like me, you are tired of American extremists literally getting away with murder from Uganda to Russia,” said Truth Wins Out Executive Director Wayne Besen. “The Center Against Religious Extremism is designed to monitor, counter, and ultimately serve as a bulwark against an ignoble enterprise designed to drag the world back into the Dark Ages.”

The Center’s initial report, released Thursday by TWOCARE researcher Bruce Wilson, will focus on “The Gathering,” an annual event where the Religious Right’s philanthropic community doles out upwards of one billion dollars in grants.

“Money distributed at The Gathering drives the culture wars, deepens America’s political divide, and bankrolls the export of hate aboard,” said Bruce Wilson, Director of TWO’s Center Against Religious Extremism. “This is why it is critically important that everyone know about The Gathering.”

TWOCARE says they will:

  • Highlight the economic, moral, cultural, scientific, and educational harm done to civilization by political fundamentalist movements
  • Study the intersection of American religious extremist groups and their foreign counterparts
  • Connect the dots and uncover global patterns of religious extremism
  • Find long-term solutions to help counter American and global religious fanaticism

“The Center Against Religious Extremism hopes to place a floodlight on the nefarious activities of our foes, so these dangerous zealots can be singled out and held accountable,” said Truth Wins Out’s Associate Director Evan Hurst. “We must end the days when America’s religious extremists distort the lives of LGBT people and promote totalitarian ideas unopposed.”




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