Chely, Lauren and Babies Make Four!

Chely, Lauren and Babies Make Four!

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Photo: People
Photo: People

Country singer Chely Wright and wife Lauren Blitzer-Wright have announced they are pregnant with twins.

The couple, who have been married since August 2011, announced their pregnancy on the web show, “Gwissues,” hosted by publicist Howard Bragman.

The twins, which are expected sometime in June, aren’t the only exciting news for Wright. Wednesday morning it was announced she has also been nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for her coming out documentary, Wish Me Away.

The documentary details the coming out process Wright went through as a country music star. Being the first country star to come out as openly gay hasn’t affected her music career, though Wright says it has “tarnished some of the relationships she had in the country music industry,” according to Taste of Country.

“I need a country artist who is a big deal, like Jay-Z in his community — he came forward and said, ‘I believe in equality for all,'” Wright said. “I’m struggling because I have not heard that from the big stars in country music.”

The country music industry may not be behind her 100 percent yet, but GLAAD has certainly taken notice of her advocacy for the LGBT community. She was nominated for Best Musical Artist by GLAAD in 2010 and this year because her documentary shows “outstanding representation of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.”

The awards will be held in New York (March 16), Los Angeles (April 20) and San Francisco (May 11).



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