Chely Wright Offers Ride in Central Park, Lunch Date with Wife for Kickstarter Perks

Chely Wright Offers Ride in Central Park, Lunch Date with Wife for Kickstarter Perks

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Chely Wright has announced that she is working on her first studio album since coming out; Wright has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project.

Fans who want to support the project will find a variety of Kickstarter backer benefits ranging from a pre-show meet and greet with Wright, to a Skype chat and their own personal house party featuring Wright performing for friends of their choosing, a double dinner date with Wright and her wife or a bike ride with Wright through Central Park. Other benefits include an autographed copy of her memoir, her film documentary and her CD.

You can join the hundreds of supporters who have taken the Equality Pledge, not only to receive a digital download and CD of the new album, but also to stand together with Wright in support of LGBT equality by going to the Kickstarter Campaign here.

In addition, look for an announcement on Kickstarter for Wright’s return to Nashville for a 20/20 concert in which she will perform all 20 singles that she has released throughout her career, including a new single from her forthcoming album.

After releasing eight studio albums and charting more than 15 singles on the country charts, Wright has sold over 1,000,000 records in the United States. Wright’s first Top 40 country hit came in 1997 with “Shut Up and Drive” followed by her number one single, “Single White Female.”

Upon the release of her 2010 critically-acclaimed seventh album, Lifted Off the Ground, produced by Rodney Crowell, and her memoir, Like Me, published by Random House, the award-winning country artist and songwriter stunned the conservative country music world and made history by becoming the first major country music performer to publicly come out as gay. Wright has cited among her reasons for coming out a concern with bullying and hate crimes toward LGBT people, particularly LGBT youth, and the damage to her life caused by “hiding.” These fears and concerns are all reflected in the documentary film on her life and career entitled Wish Me Away, which was also released in 2010.

Wright also founded the LIKE ME Organization, a nonprofit organization that provides assistance, resources and education to LGBT individuals and their family & friends. LIKE ME recently opened The Lighthouse, an education and community center for gay youth in Kansas City, Missouri. In 2011, Wright married activist and author Lauren Blitzer-Wright, and in 2013 the two became parents to twin boys.




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